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I had to ask Xs gf for help

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I needed to find the phone ## of a friend of mine and she is really good friends w/ Xs gf. This may seem trivial but I had to ask her for it. I did it through was so awkward. I know this is really no big deal but maybe just maybe it will be the beginning of the road to acceptance for me (it has been exceptionally hard for me to accept that X has a gf and they are very intimate and she knows things about me that are 'classified'

Maybe I can accept her after all (i'm trying)
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Well, that's quite a step Kelly!!!

Possibly if you figure out a way to embrace her (even a litte) it might be easier for you to accept their relationship.
Kudos to you for trying (and succeeding!) I find your attitude to be very inspiring. I hope that (if)when I have to communicate with one of X's many girlfriends, I will be as accepting....
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Congrats mama, it sounds like you are making a big step towards acceptance. Things get a lot easier and less stressful when you accept things for what they are.
Good job mama!
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Thanks guys, I never thought about it like that (as a step) I guess it's not so trivial after all
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It might even be easier than you think. My X has pretty good taste in women, they just take a long time to figure out that they've adopted a son and not gained a partner. Anyway, I'm relieved to know that someone is there with common sense.
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