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My dd that is 3 1/2 now was this same way. I absolutely couldn't take it anymore, and me and my hubby were exhasted. Honestly, I have NO idea how our baby was concieved.

Our dd was a preemie and was sooo high mantainance. She slept in short little spurts FOREVER it felt like. Then once she started sleeping through the night the night time routine to GET her to sleep was 1-2 hours sometimes!

She still won't fall asleep in her bed by herself, but we're not pulling teeth to get her to sleep now, and the baby is still nursing so that makes it easy. When she nurses after 9:30ish, she'll go to sleep for sure.

I feel your pain Breathe...hope you don't blow a gasket before your kid gets out of this frustrating phase...

I just hope once the baby is done nursing, we won't be going through this all over again...*shutters at the thought*
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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