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I hate him!

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We havent had a good amount of food for weeks. We didn't have any money and H didn't get paid until yesterday. We couldn't get any food yesterday since the truck was broken. He got it fixed today and drove it home.

Instead of going and getting some food, of which we have NONE. He took off with his buddy to go and buy weed. It is now almost 8, and he is supposed to be home soon, he phoned from his buddies house. So, now I have to get a snowsuit on over my kids jammies to go and buy some food, since we have NOTHING.

No, I never go by myself, ever. He always has to 'take' us grocery shopping, since it is his money, his vehicle.. etc.

Im so mad that weed is more important than food for him, but then I knew that, thats why I am leaving!

But still... what an ASS!

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you should kick his ass momma!
im sorry to hear that things arent going so well with you. you would be way better off without him if this is what he is doing. get on social assistance if you need to..are you going to stay in fort?

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not to be totally flippant, cause you know how i feel about your f'd up DickHead, but doesn't he want food shortly after he has his weed?

I know that i for one am making sugar cookies right now for the resident pothead in my house...
Hon- I am so sorry. I am glad to hear that you are leaving- you definetly do not deserve that crap.
"just keep swimmin' just keep swimmin'"
This is only'll be out soon

and do you ever check your email? I emailed you......
What the hell is he thinking?!? I guess that's the problem.........he's NOT thinking.......

Why doesn't he stop on the way home from his 'buddies' and pick up food for you? You are 4 1/2 months pregnant, for G*d's sake!!! It's freezing cold out, and you're little guy should have his belly full and be snuggled in bed at 8

I'm so sorry, once again, nym that you're in this situation. I'm so PROUD of you for having the strength and courage to make a better life for you and your little ones ~ you *so* deserve it, mama!!
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Anyway, I'm glad you realize that leaving is the best option. What an idiot, seriously.
Your thread title caught my eye! I hate "him" too, right now (my "him", IYKWIM)
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I'm so sorry that you have to put up with this. I hope you're able to leave soon, mama.
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Thanks mamas! We went and got some good food, bagels and almond butter, cheese, yogurt, tons of fruit and vegs..

Fern - Yea, I am leaving on the 16th. I am going to PG for now, Id like to head back to the island one day, maybe after the summer season is done. I have to leave before I can apply for assistance, so I'll be doing that once I get to PG. I'm taking the bus there!

mama g - well, no since they stopped for fast food on the way to the dealers..

Amber - I'm having mucho problems with my email, well my connection in general. Email me again at [email protected]

China - I know
: And Im 6 months preg
Ahhh, soon it will be done.. that what I keep thinking. I'm just glad that the truck is fixed, now I can get some boxes!

SirPentor - nah, I am way up in frozen hell
Just under the NWT border! Thanks for the offer though

Thanks for the hugs guys.. makes me feel better, gets the rage out ya know... sigh
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I am glad you got some food- and am glad you are leaving- did you get my PM?
Nym I have been reading about your problems, and I know how you feel. Well, kind of.

You are one strong mama. I am so proud of you for getting out of that relationship. And your children will one day thak you too.

What an awsome mama you are

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I'd be picking his pockets while he slept and hiding the cash.
LOL... I wish... he has a knowledge of exactly how much money he has.. always!

I've tried that!
You could secretly auction him off to some bikers...
I heard one remedy for these guys, Sew them up in the sheets while snoozing.

then do what you need.
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Wow. I hate him too, nym. One suggestion: When you leave, I'd suggest getting a separation agreement in place ASAP. Does two things: 1) Makes you not liable for any debts that he might accrue after the date of the separation (don't trust him not to) and 2) Can provide you with child and spousal support during the time that you're separated. That way, you won't have to rely on his "generosity" in order to have food; it'll be mandated that he provide for you and your children.

Good luck.
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{{{{{{Nym}}}}}} I am so glad you have a plan to leave. He is so not worthy of you.
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