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I hate my hall closet

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Part of my organization problem is my hall closet... Its a great closet, its almost walk in size and has wonderful built in shelves as well as a rack for hanging items.... the problem, the hall is poorly lit and there is no light in the closet... I feel like im going into the dark unknown, which is why ive adopted the 'toss and slam' method....
: (yk toss it in there and slam the door before it explodes on you)...
Well now I think I have to get in there and clean it out... sort out the junk etc.. but how do you do that in the dark?? Ideally Id love to keep all our Homeschool supplies in there and some pre-bought presents for upcoming events....

IM TERRIFIED.... help me.... and what do I do about the lack of lighting?
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It probably wouldn't cost that much for an electrician to put a light in & it'd be especially worth it if you used it more.

They also have battery powered lights. I know they have some at Ikea & I think I've seen them at Target. Just a thought. GL.

ps - I'd loooooove a hall closet. My 1930's house has *no* closets on the first floor & only small single closets in the bedrooms upstairs.
tiny tiny baby steps... i got rid of a non-working vacuum... that little bit made me feel SOOO good... now i need to pull myself up by my proveribal bootstraps and get moving with the rest of the stuff.... i feel so overwhelmed with STUFF...
I saw this on an infomercial awhile ago. It just takes 4 aa batteries.
Here's what I would do.

1. Get a couple battery lights for now to give you light.

2. Take everything out of the closet (if you have room for this--using a living room or dining room would motivate you to finish). Grab a trash bag and get rid of all the trash (you could even do this before emptying the closet if it's easier). Be ruthless. Sort the rest into keep in closet, move, and toss/give away. Be ruthless.

3. Go through your house and get everything you want to put into the closet. Add it to the keep in closet pile.

4. Decide how you want to refill the closet. Do you need tubs/baskets? Bins? Bags?

I'm a "do it in a day" kind of person, but if you have the space, you could break up this process.

Good luck!
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I wonder if the battery-lights will give enough light? And hiring an electrician certainly would slow me down. We have a couple construction hanging lights that are very bright. For the redo, you could just run a cord down the hall and hang that bright lamp in there. That way, you could move forward with plenty of light and worry about permanent lighting issues after your closet is beautiful.

Also, a shiny, white coat of paint might make it easier to see in there.
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