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I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I don't want to wean dd, but I just absolutely hate nursing her what seems like every 5 minutes. I feel like ALL she wants to do is nurse. If I am sitting down, at the computer to do my LLL work, nursing ds, or she is bored or hungry or thirsty or tired, she is hanging on me asking to nurse.

I have tried to give her extra attention, which is hard since I have a 3 month old to care for, too. I have tried giving her short nursing sessions whenever she asks, but I feel like yelling and screaming at her when I do that. I have tried nursing both at the same time, but it makes me want to just jump out of my skin. I've tried special one on one time, delaying, distractions, tv, bribes, food, everything I can think of but she just whines and screams and hangs on me until I give in and nurse her again. She won't do short 30 second nurses. She wants minutes, hours, days! Ok, maybe not days.... How am I supposed to do minutes when it make me clench my teeth the whole time? Her teeth rub terribly, it hurts and irritates when she nurses. And she won't let go when I tell her to stop and go do something else. She just bites down and fights me. I could handle nursing her a few times a day, but this constant stuff is killing me!

Then there is the whining every time she asks. She doesn't give me warning, just walks in and starts whining for "nurses." She wants to nurse more than ds does!

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, but I'm not finding it. Somehow, I doubt weaning would solve much. She is just so spirited/high needs. I just can't stand how things are right now. I love her to death and still I hate nursing her. I feel like I should be able to put my feelings aside and do what is best for her but it is so hard and she is so demanding -- of my time, my energy, and my breasts.

I don't know that there really is an answer.....but thanks for letting me vent. It breaks my heart that I hate this unique and special time so much. I really wanted it to be so different.
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