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I have had times like that too. It's hard, when they aren't using their manners. The thing is, while we want to respect their need to nurse, they also are old enough to have some empathy towards OUR needs. It doesn't seem possible because she seems like such a baby.... but then again, you can see how big she is. If you haven't been talking a lot about needs, start vocalizing needs to your toddler. "Oh, I can see that you are sad. Feeling sad hurts, doesn't it? Do you need a hug?" "Mommy is feeling really tired. Feeling tired is sad. I need a little rest. Let's all lay down and rest." When she starts to empathize with your needs (she may at this point not realize you have needs, after all!) then you can start to vocalize your need NOT to nurse. You can come up with compromises together... "You need ni ni right now, but I need NO-nini right now, what if we read a book and snuggle instead?" I tell my 18 mos old, "I need you not to pinch me while you have ni ni."

I hope this helps somewhat. I remember when Boo went through this stage, and Belen is doing it now at 18 mos (she's precocious I guess LOL) and there are times when Daddy has to step in and tell baby firmly "Mommy needs Rest time. Daddy will take you on a walk." And just walk away and leave mommy alone for a while.

I find a mother's helper invaluable, too. A 10 to 13 year old girl or boy can make an excellent helper for an hour or even two, and most will be quite happy if you offer them a dollar or two for their time. The helper can sit and play blocks with your toddler, read a story... some really responsible and adept kids can even take your toddler out for a walk or in a fenced yard. I've even had some helpers who will do a chore for me, like load the dishwasher, fold clothes or clean my bathroom!
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