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I tandem nursed my two youngest for about 4 months. They were 12 months apart and therefore I didn't feel myself getting angry with him since he was still a baby himself. However he self weaned himself at 16 months just like my first ds! Even though I wasn't ready to stop nursing him he was ready to let go. Which brings me to my point...nursing children should continue as long as both mother and child are happy. If I found myself hating it I think I would have weaned him. After it comes...she is 2 and does not need it as bad as your babe does to survive. so I (yes my opinion to all of you clenching your tight fists
) think you should do what you feel is right in your heart..and if that means continue to nurse then fine, if that means weaning your precious dd then so be it..don't let anyone pressure you into anything. do what is best for you and your family and good luck! tandem nursing isn't easy and more power to you for trying!
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