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I just wanted to tell you that alot of people feel resentful of their older child's needs when they have a second. I didn't nurse my son at all and when my daughter was born (she is still nursing) I felt the same about him. I didn't want him to jump on me, I didn't want to have to rock him to sleep for 45 minutes, I didn't want to have to answer his endless questions, etc. etc. You are focusing on the nursing because that seems like the biggest issue right now but you might very well still feel the same irritation even if you don't nurse anymore. I did not really feel rebonded to my son for over a year. And now he is 4.5 and I wish I could go back and enjoy all those crazy days. Maybe if you stop focusing so much on the negative and look at the positive aspects then things won't look so bleak. Can you go out more so she isn't thinking about it all the time? How about getting her some special small toys or books or even *gasp* video for some down time from her. How about DH taking her out or even just somewhere else to play when he comes home? I learned when I had my second that I didn't WANT to better my attitude. I wanted to be upset because I felt to put out and frustrated. I now realize that deep down I wanted everyone to agree that my life was really hard and what I was experiencing was unfair. Guess what? No one ever did and I wasted over a year b!tching about my circumstances instead of trying to make positive changes. I wish now I could go back and redo that time and realize that while it may not seem like it in the moment it really DOES go by very, very quickly.
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