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I know that feeling....feeling totally touched out. Know it well. Especially when the newborn is still so new so you are most likely all leaky and bloated and just like aghhhh, GET OFF ME!!!!!! That feeling will pass. Some days will be better than others, ya know? The new baby is new to her too, and she may not want to share mama so she's getting in as much as she can. To her, *she* is your nursling. The baby is just someone getting in her way right now, so she wants what is hers and what she knows, and probably without wanting to have to share.

Man, I'm at the end of that and I couldn't figure out how I felt but now I know-I'm mourning. I am mourning my 3.5 yo being done. I thought I couldn't wait for the day to come and now I'm sad that it did. I know this will sound
right now, but enjoy it. These days go by so very very fast.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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