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I have 500 posts too!

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WOW that went fast! Maybe I'll MAKE H a diaper since I can't buy.. so give me your ideas for prints... I need a pick me up today of all days and making him one with your help would be neat, at least I think so

I'm thinking...
1. sushi
2. bugs
3. flags for 4th of July
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Ooh- I would have to vote for 4th of July since I'm not into food dipes and bugs are too GN for me (I'm just weird that way). But I would make it more fireworks than patriotic, more celebratory!
I'm voting bugs. Not sure why, I just think bugs would be cute...and I'm sure you have some cute bug fabric!

Ummmm.... I second the 4th of July dipe! Think of how proud you'll be parading his patriotic bum around between now and then
. He can also wear it on June 14th which is national flag day and on Labor day!
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I vote for flags AND bugs. No help, am I? I've never eaten sushi and just don't get it. LOL But I can never make just one diaper. So, I say make 2!!! Hope you're feeling a little better now.
Hey post-twin!
Congrat's to you too! And, I vote patriotic too. But I'm kind of a sap like that (I'm sitting here in my Old Navy shirt from summer of '02). Definitely post pics once you've made whatever it is!
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I'm going against the grain & voting for sushi - that'll make em smile!
Thanks for the input ladies.. I think I will make him a flag print and a bug print! (start with the flag and if I have time, bugs!) LOL

I'm doing better thanks, my mom helped out tonight and is paying all our medical bills
Takes a small load off the shoulders
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Good choices! I was going to say to go for the bugs print, so I'm glad that's one of the ones you decided to do. I have a bug print Angelwraps AIO and I just
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You work fast, lady. And we really love having you around!

I say bugs, too--glad you decided to go with that too. Then again, me and my buggle are into all things buggly...
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I had NO idea I had that many posts already! LOL!

I like being here too
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I know what you mean! They add up quick! And I agree, we love having you around.
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It's taken me over half a year, but I am really close to being a senior member! 73 posts to go. What do you guys think my Title should be?
Wow- congrats!!! I vote sushi, but I'd vote for sushi anything!
I'm just trying to someday get to 50 posts!!!
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