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i have a cavity

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So, went in for a cleaning this morning (haven't been in 2 years) and, I have a cavity that needs to be filled and 2 "spots" that just need to be watched. First cavity in 15 years

I'm 3 weeks pp, nursing both of my kiddos, and have an appt for the filling in 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure the cavity and "spots" are from taking a chewable prenatal vit right before bed
for the last 7 months...

I need some links to what info you wise ladies have... and I have very little time to do my own research! What do I need to know? What should I do now? I have medicaide (state health insurance) that will be cut off in a few short weeks... so, anything that needs to be done will have to be done quickly, and I have no experience or knowledge about cavities as an adult
I know "silver" fillings contain mercury. I have an autoimmune disease (crohn's) and have been in remission through the pregnancy-- I'm freaked that the fillings will trigger a flare... don't know if any other fillings would be covered. Is there a crash course for the Weston Price diet, and if so, how soon would I see results?

I do trust the dentist- he is extremely conservative when it comes to dental work... so if he says it's really far gone, well, I don't want a root canal, kwim? But I am also much more wary of doctors at my (not so old) age.
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