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I have a cold ... nervous about OTC meds

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I developed this nasty cold last weekend where I have eyes that won't stop watering, a nose that won't stop running, and a hacking cough that could wake the dead (and so far isn't very productive). During the day I stick to herbal-type remedies like baths with eucalyptus oil, medicinal teas, Similisan homeopathic eye drops (this brand is GREAT!), and using a neti pot. However, without taking Sudafed and Robitussin DM (at my m/w approval), I can't sleep at night more than a brief period at a time because of the coughing and the nasal congestion. I feel guilty every time I take the OTC meds that I'm giving my baby something it shouldn't have (up to this point I haven't even taken tylenol). If DH and I weren't leaving for vacation to Hawaii this Friday, I'd probably suffer through it, but I don't want to be stuck on a plane feeling this way either. I know the meds do something to the baby b/c I feel more movement right after taking a dose of them than at any other point (I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign). Please tell me I'm overreacting!
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I'm not sure about Robitussin but when I did research after getting a cold in the fall, I decided not to take Sudafed (even though the OB's office said it was okay). The research I saw linked heart defects with Sudafed. Maybe google Sudafed and pregnancy and see if you can find better info? I can't imagine having to fly all congested like that! PVs to you!!!

Have you tried taking lots of zinc and vitamin C? I find zinc works best though if I take it as soon as I feel the cold coming on. It seems to prevent it from getting very far.
I'm doing lots of vit C. I really don't tolerate zinc very well though ... it makes me throw up, no matter how much food I've padded my stomach with beforehand or how low the dose is that I take. I try to keep the Sudafed down to just one dose during the night (I'll definitely google it, thanks for the tip), it's really the cough that is the worst during the night and I take 2-3 doses of the Robitussin.
On the rare occasion that I take meds during pregnancy, I go with Vick's Nasal spray at night. It allows me to sleep uninterrupted (well, as uniterrupted as pregnancy allows), and I attribute that to getting well!

Good luck, having a cold sucks.
I'm weird, but I won't take anything. How many times do you read something is OK, then they say it's not. I'm not taking any chances when I'm growing a baby. And I got the WORST cold of my life in January and it lasted 2 weeks. Thought I would die, but just drank tea with honey and got through it. Hope you feel better soon
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I had a pretty wicked cold about a month ago and relied fairly heavily on Tom's of Maine vapor rub at night. Instead of just putting it on my chest, I also rubbed it on my neck and a little bit beneath my nose. Then, I slept partly propped up with a couple of pillows, which really seemed to help with the post-nasal drip that triggered my cough. The only OTC I took on rare occasion was one Sudafed tablet (1/2 dose), if I was really, truly so stuffy I couldn't breathe. I hope you clear up before your trip!
I took Zicam when I was pg with Seth and had a nasty cold. It really helped. It's homeopathic and you can get it at the drug store.
While pg with dd, I also got a really bad sinus cold. OB suggested Tylenol Sinus, which contains sudafed. I tried plain tylenol first to see if it would relieve the pressure enough to tolerate the cold. It worked on the pain, so I didn't need to use anything else.

Also, try running a cool mist humidifier at night. If you don't already have one, then chances are very good you will need one for the baby at some point. You could try to take a really warm, long shower before bed to loosen up secretions. That's another thing recommended for babies with colds - hanging out in the steamy bathroom (been there many times)!
There are plenty of things you can do (as you know) to make you more comfortable. With regards to meds, think about it this way: your body is trying to get rid of something. Anytime you take OTC meds you are interrupting the process and undermining your bodys wisdom. All you will get is a cold that will last longer.
I agree with a pp that things that are GRAS too often come up two or three years later as having terrible side effects. I don't use anything that isn't homeopathic or a natural vitamin/mineral in pg (or any other time for that matter!)
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