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i have a confession ....

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... i HATE microfiber - inserts, towels, etc. there. i've said it out loud now.

they don't seem to be as absorbant as my hemp or even PFs and when i use them in FBs, my son wakes up with wet sheets. they stick to the dry spots on my hands and rip off the skin, and they aggravate my eczema.

i know they're all the rage - some folks swear by them. i felt like i was really missing out, and i've tried them now on a number of different occassions - i guess giving them the benefit of the doubt. but now, i'm getting rid of them all. unless someone can give me a good reason not to, they'll be up in the TP later today or tomorrow.

sorry microfiber. i tried. i guess i'm just a hemp & OC kind of gal.
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Sigh. I just bought some to try to boost my nighttime diapers.
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I've never tried microfiber, but I did look at the towels in walmart. I didn't like how they stuck to my hands either. I also didn't like that they aren't 100% cotton or hemp. So I didn't buy any.

Hope you are able to sell them!
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i can't stand how it feels either!

but the one insert i had was pretty absorbant.
Wow, just shows you how different things work for different people.
I love my microfiber inserts and towels - they perform outstanding in my Fb's!

Yes they are a little freaky - how they stick to dry skin - I have some towels that are worse like that than others. However my cottonbabies and moe inserts are super soft.

Guess I may be looking for your tp post......!
Thats all I use is the ones from sams club and LOVE them, no leaks at all
I hear ya!! I hate them, and no matter what I do short of bleach (which is contrdictory to the instructions) I have stink issues! I finally decided to wash them up and use the towels as rags... and guess what?! Everytime they get wet, I smell URINE.... so, needless to say, only natural fibers for us, please
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Add me to the list of microfiber haters.
I'm also a hemp insert (well, hemp anything) hater as well. I'll stick w/OC pf's as inserts.
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The thought of them hurt my nails on a chalk board!
Add me to the list please
I don't care for synthetics to start with and had avoided them on that basis only. I've been given them as freebies when I buy pockets and pass them on immediately. The texture makes me want to shudder.
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They're my last last resort as stuffers, but they make a GREAT swiffer cloth!
They work beautifully for dusting, and for floors. Not a waste of money at all, just a different way to do cloth, those swiffer cloths are pricey!
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WAY back when I still used pockets and synthetic fibers, I hated 'em, too! They were awful! AND they left tiny, microscopic cuts all over my DS's bits and pieces when they were used as a stuffer.

Now, I use the ones I have left as cleaning rags. They work wonders on a linoleum floor and shower doors! And they loose that awful feeling after a few washes, thank goodness!
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