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I have a problem - I can't seem to get myself to wash these diapers....

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They are so new, and cute, and fluffy and perfect and small and lovely and.....I just can't throw them in the wash. They'll never be exactly the same after that hot water hits them. I know they're not really going to do us much good if all we can do is sit and admire them...but still - why is it so hard to just throw them in the machine?

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I have the exact same problem when I get a brand new diaper in the mail. I hate to throw it in the wash, who knows what could happen then!! LOL

:LOL it's so nice to know I'm not the only one :LOL I just HATE washing a new diaper!
I just had this problem wtih the diapers I bought for my best friend. I didn't want to wash them because I wanted her to be able to see them when they are new and at the very softest, most beautiful they will ever be. But I wanted to wash them because I wanted them to be useable out of the box, kwim? It was quite a dilemna for me. :LOL

I washed them, btw. And then I took the pill shaver to them. Obsessive, much?!?
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