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I have a question about something I know absolutly nothing about....

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My 15 year old said one of his testicles have gone up into his side and won't come back down and it hurts..Can this happen? Or is he mistaking side pain for this? Should I take him to the doctor? I know that testicles can wait to descend when they are children but I had never heard of them going back up so I had to ask...Thanks....Love Mylie xx
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Hmmm. If he pushes on the area above his penis, will it come back down? I've heard of this happening, but usually with babies. Could it be a hernia? You might have some luck posting this on the circumcision board. Frankly Speaking might have some advice for you over there. He knows all about these types of things.
The doc thinks it might be a hernia..He goes in to get checked on Friday...Thanks for your advice
: ...Love Mylie xx
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i would guess hernia too.

i hope everything is ok, good luck friday.
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