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I have to agree with the other posters, that maybe work is her only safe haven from the grief she is feeling, that being said I really wanted people to mention my daughter, and still do. When I finally returned to work after losing Arawyn, I apreciated the mothers who mentioned that they had been thinking of me, or even shared their losses with me. Now I will admit that my situation is very different. I work part time providing child care in the UU church I am also a member of, so these women are also part of my church, and alot of them are friends. I was the most touched when a seven year old little boy I watch spoke to me about my daughter. He mentioned how he used to talk to her when I was pregnant, and how he knows she must really miss me. He drew a lovely picture of her as an angel being watched over by his pet dog who had recently passed. It was very touching to me. But every person is different. I like the idea of asking her nurse what she thinks might be best. And she may be able to let you know how to best go about sharing the wonderful birth record you made. Also now that it has been a few months she may be ready to talk more openly about her loss, and hopefully the nurse would be able to let you know.
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