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Like the other posters, I am leaning towards the idea that work is an escape where she can allow herself to forget (not that we do, but we can pretend). But I wonder if you could still call and speak to her nurse, let her know you had made the birth record already, and ask her to let you know if the dr's decision changes later on, or even give it to her and ask her to pass it along when/if she feels it would be appropriate. I recieved a couple of gifts months later that had been bought/made before my daughter's death, and I could appreciate them after the grief wasn't so raw. I appreciated that they had been thinking of me all that time.

Edited to add: I think a card expressing your sympathy/support/prayers, etc would still be appreciated. After this amount of time, just an "I was thinking about you after our visit today" sympathy card would still be appropriate.
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