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I have a really nasty cat

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She's nice to people in our family

But what to do when people come over? She hisses at anyone who looks at her and will scratch and/or bite if anyone tries to pet her. She's been mistreated by a couple of kids and just seems to take it out on everyone.

She's the greatest with our kids, really we couldn't ask for a better cat. But how can we get her to chill out when we have visitors? She won't always stay outside and she doesn't like being cooped up in one room, though that's what we usually end up doing.

Is there any way that we can get her to be nicer to people?
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Well, if there is I would be glad to find out! One of my cats doesn't like anybody but me. Whenever DH walks by she will hiss, growl and run away. She didn't have a great home as a young kitten, but wasn't too old when she came to me. DH calls her "Psychokitty".
My dh calls our cat Psychokitty too.

We've had her since she was tiny...we had to bottle feed her because the person we got her from was hell bent on getting rid of the kittens then - otherwise we would have waited. The person we got her from got the mom cat high and drunk when she was pregnant
I'm sure some of her issues stem from that. She can be really clumsy and stupid sometimes (she lays on our halfwall in our upstairs hallway and FALLS OFF!!
She never gets hurt, thank goodness! She was really nice to everyone though at first, then I started babysitting some kids that smelled really yucky (but the smelled the same as the people I got her from) and that's the start of when she got crazy. To keep her from the kids we let her go outside, and then discovered some of the neighborhood kids being mean to her.

Oh well...guess she'll be a psychokitty forever.
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We've had some success by having guest refrain from approaching the cat and letting her do the introductions. We let her hide when guests come over but leave her food out in an ajoining room where she can see us if she eats. After some long period she now will come out an sit among us but she still only warms up to a few people in that she'll let herself be petted - I think these people are the ones who patiently and slowly get to know her. I still ask that nobody approaches the cat - she does the introductions.
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