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I have a theory about noisy toys...

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I have noticed something that buggs me to no end about noisy electronic or talking toys. They keep calling the child back to them when they are done playing with them. Seriously. Ds has been given a few monstrosities by family members that do this.
For example: he has some god aweful fake cell phone that beeps and what not. When you close the flap, as if you are done with it, it rings 3 times. I watch my son close it and set it down to move on and it rings and he HAS to turn around and pick it up again.
Example #2: some Leap Frog alphabet worm thing. When you don't push any buttons for like 20 seconds it says "Thanks for playing with Leap Frog, Bye Bye!". Once again, it gets his attention again.
Example #3: Another Leap Frog. This time a stuffed frog named Tad that speaks Spanish and English. Dumbest thing ever. Such a lame toy. When he isn't messed with for 20 or so seconds he says "Hug me!". If then no activity he says "Push my buttons" (or something like that) and then again if there isn't any activity he says "Bye Bye!!".
Am I a conspiracy theorist or what??! It just seems to me that these toy makers make lame @&& toys and they keep kids attention by asking them to come back! Then parents who don't pay attention or don't know better think "Oh those blah blah blah toys are so wonderful! My child can't get enough of his blah blah blah!"

Any one else notice this!
I so can't wait for Tad the Talking Frog to mysteriously disappear...
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Yep, I noticed a few do that too! Mostly when dd is done with one she justs ignores it but many seem to have a setting that "calls" their attention again. Makes it hard to remove a toy inconspicuously unless you can acess the off button easily.
Sadly all the batteries died in the noisy toys relatives have sent. *cry* We just never seem to have replacements on hand.
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I gave most our noisey toys to goodwill. Ds doesn't really play with them, but I too have noticed that they try and call the child back, but it seldom works on my ds, by that time he has already found something more interesting for the moment.
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The Tad toy is the most annoying toy ever... oh wait, there's Lily, who's even worse! "Hi, I'm Tad! And you can count on me! 1-2-3! What flowers do you see?"

Keep in mind it's been several months since both of those toys (which were gifts) had their batteries die. I have quite a stash of batteries growing in the garage.
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My gripe is the volume! Why do they have to be so loud??! Toddlers have excellent hearing - I don't get it.

My MIL has a knack for finding the LOUDEST toys. Thankfully, we leave them at her house

Forgot to add: I think kids catch on to it quickly too. DD has only one toy at home that does this (Leapfrog alphabet ball) and she just gives it a look over her shoulder. Too funny!
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YESSSSSS!!!! It's a conspiracy of some kind.

When our twins were in utero, we told our parents - no toys with batteries.

They didn't really respect our wishes at first, but when my mom finally witnessed first hand how many of the toys use this "call back" technique to re-engage the kid, she agreed they were evil and hasn't bought anymore.
I just rarely put batteries in them...dd has those leapfrog toys we love them and normally it says "bye" or whatever after a few min so by that point dd is already in another room or doesn't care. I do have issues when they randomly go off it freaks me out lol...but yes they do that to encourage play(not saying its a good thing just saying)
LOL These toys irk me beyond belief. Luckily, my boys don't care at all for toys like this. They have gotten several as gifts, play with them for maybe 10 minutes and never look at them again. Useless pieces of junk that are supposed to be eductational. In my opinion, they are the exact opposite. They provoke minimal thinking on the children's part and 0 creativity. Give us a stack of books, some legos and some mega blocks anyday. Much quieter too - lol!
We have one toy with noise. It's a Chicco barn with animals. My mom gave it to him for his FIRST birthday and my grandmother said, "It's about time he had a teaching toy!"

It says, "Let's play together with the animals and numbers. Press a button!" When you do nothing, it says, "Press the little bear button and play with me!" It tries that 3 times, spaced about 30 seconds apart. Then it gives up and says, "Bye bye" in a sing-song voice. Well....Jett loves waving bye-bye and that always gets his attention. Recently, though, he has ignored it more.

I am pretty [email protected] about keeping plastic and specifically electronic junk, out of our house. I let this one slide, though. He likes it and my mom was otherwise very respectful of our toy requests, so I feel a little bad about it. Same with my dad, he tries to follow our requests. My MIL, BIL and other folks just blantantly ignore it. I think my MIL may try to push just to be difficult, that is just a guess.

Our friend has a 4 year old who thinks all of his toys have dead batteries. She either just lets them die, or if they didn't come with batteries inside already, she never installs them. He just sweetly says, "The batteries are dead, Mommy!" and plays with it nontheless.
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"It's been fun to play with me and now I say goodbye BYE!" Yes, I have it memorized. A friend gave a big stuffed Lil Leap frog with all the alphabet on it's tummy and that's what it sings before shutting itself off. I hate it!
We have Tad, too! UGH. He was missing for a while, but ds found him underneath the seat in our van, much to DH's dismay
That "1,2,3 tell me what you see" just plays over and over...
I know what you mean, though..
I've had it with those kinds of toys..
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As a 'toy lady' I do certainly know that toys are marketed for their noise value! The idea is ,that if you are the loudest toy on the toy store shelf, then the kid will be most attracted to it. As a toy salesmommy, I have heard countless times how the marketing of toys to toddlers is quite obvious. Luckily, the toys I am involved with are much more educationally "sound" we don't market to the toys' kid immediate attention, but their long term educational value! The best investment you can make as a parent is to play with your children!

Originally Posted by Kannon99
"It's been fun to play with me and now I say goodbye BYE!" Yes, I have it memorized. A friend gave a big stuffed Lil Leap frog with all the alphabet on it's tummy and that's what it sings before shutting itself off. I hate it!
Oh my goodness. Who talks like that? Not, "I had fun playing with you," or "Did you have fun playing with me?" The toy is trying to tell the child how she or he should feel about playing with it. Whacko.
YES!!! we had a few toys like that, if you didn't play with it for 20 seconds or so, it did 3 beeps then turned off. or one that played a lil song. it always brought the kids back, even when i tried to put the toy away when they weren't looking
i'd much rather them play with wooden blocks and dress up clothes!
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OMGosh that is hilarious, because you are RIGHT! I never noticed before, but now that I think about all the electronic toys we have had, they DO call the child back!
Evil, sneaky toy makers...
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what we have found works wonders ( did this on the speakers of the phones at work as well) A piece of packing tape right over the hole will do wonders for your sanity. Some times it even takes 2 or 3, but it will quiet the toy without muffling the words.
Another victim of Leapfrog buying relatives here too. With the latest toy we had I was able to "lose" the bit that made noise (a banjo playing Tad no less) and just keep some animal themed magnet pairs from it for DS to play with on the fridge. But those toys do nothing for me - and usually DS - either. He much prefers simple wooden toys which suits me fine.
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I am a conspiracy theorist, too!

We rearrange the kids' bedrooms and certain things disappear. Because we have created new play areas in the room, and things are just generally different, my kids don't notice the missing toys...

I've noticed they play together better-and longer- with simple toys.

Try an 11 yo boy and his "annoying little 5 yo sister" getting along for 35 minutes in the doctors office playing with blocks while I was in back with baby boy 2!
I have totally noticed this as well! We have given away all our toys that do this, except for one: a leap pad baby soft book. We keep this toy in the car and it is great for that call-back because it greatly lengthens the amount of time that DD will be distracted by it. After a minute or so of inactivity, it says "turn a page to hear more!". I don't think I could handle that in the house but in the car it's ok: we frequently take long drives and the distraction is welcome.

I think MIL got the point when we left the loudest, most obnoxious toys at her house. I think it dawned on her then. She had bought a bunch of very loud electronic toys from WalMart and viola, she had a basket of very loud, electronic toys at HER HOUSE for when the kids came over. MWHAHAHAHA.
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