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of DS in a cute cloth dipe and a "Big Brother" t-shirt with the new babe in a cute cloth dipe and a "lil' brother" t-shirt.

Since I HAVE to do the hospital "thing", I see a pic of the two of them in the first day or two in these cuties -- sittin on daddy's lap in that terribly uncomfrotable hospital chair that makes in to an even more uncomfortable bed

Anyone know a WAHM that does these shirts (no onsies)?

I know there is a lady on eBay that does cute sets like this, but I'd like to work with a WAHM here if possible. SPAM welcome.

Oh, and I need a pretty quick turn around. Found out today they will have to take the babe on July 11th, if I make it that long. So, I don't wanna take any chances waiting to long to get this

Thanks for your help in fulfilling my vision!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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