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i have boys clothes fron newborn to 3 months deffinatly and some 3-6 months stuff i would love to give to someone....ummm my story and why i think it needs to be gifted. i was 17 when i had my first baby all his cloths were given to me or from good forward 3 years another boy baby comes everything was hand-me-downs..3 more years and another boy well the girls i work with gave me a shower and he got all new stuff and its all been thrown in with the old stuff = lots of clothes not all in perfect condition some never been worn...those gifts i had recieved, even the used ones were such a blessing to our family and i would like to share so if you or someone you know is in need pm me and let me help...i also have bags of stuffed animals never played with if some baby needs a cuddly friend we don't smoke, no pets even...just let me know
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