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Originally Posted by tireesix View Post
Praise be for the relaxing atmosphere....... Heart rate almost normal.......... BREATHE.............

All I see is breastfeeding nazi this and breastfeeding nazi that....... Do the ppl who say these things have ANY idea that they behave in EXACTLY the same way as some of these supposed breastfeeding nazis..... And pray tell, just many ppl have I murdered today?

Good luck with that.

Name calling and censorship suck. There was this one place I used to post, and one person decided to follow me around calling me one of those moms from "kellybi****s" (referring to kellymom's breastfeeding info site, which I am not affiliated with) and calling me a nazi, etc.

It was really weird, but at the same time very validating. I only posted info like "If you want to have success with breastfeeding, try not to introduce bottles too early, make sure you are feeding on cue not a rigid schedule, it's normal for newborns to nurse very often to bring in the milk supply, etc" and if that info from *my own experience* was enough to brand me as a breastfeeding nazi, then by golly I must be doing SOMETHING right...

But it was getting me too upset, so I don't go there anymore.
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