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OK, I voted for Bush in 2000.
Honestly, I never payed much attention to politics before DD was born, but recently I have been reading about him and there is A LOT of stuff I never knew about. He *acts like* such an idiot and there is NO WAY I would vote for him again!! I don't know who I'll vote for, but it won't be him. Go ahead and send the flames my way, I can handle it.

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I hear you! You are just one of the growing throng of folks who feel this way. I think it is healthy to change one's mind when one learns there is a better way.

Join the MMOB! Spread the word!:

6 Reasons Bush is Bad for Kids:

Just for the record:

Sen. Kerry is no one's savior by any means- I don't like the guy, personally but I don't have to marry him and I don't want to be his friend. He is very qualified, he is a tried leader, he is serious and we need that, what with all the very serious things he will have to necessarily deal with.

Electing him/defeating Bush, IS a beginning- ONLY a beginning. We must make and KEEP him accountable from the start, so that another mess is much less likely and liable to happen right away again. That is how we BEGIN to take our country back and we must if we want our kids to have anything of real value left.

It's a start, and it will take time. NO ONE elected will be the best choice to someone else's sensibilities for sure, but we DO need to be realistic and most importantly, we MUST win!!!!

Again, the reality is, this new president's term can only be a start because it will take a long time to clean up the mess- and like at my house (maybe yours? too)...when doing a heavy duty cleaning, the mess appears worse before it really looks better.

But we are all up to it, because we have a vision that includes everyone this time- not just the "have's and the have-more's", as Mr. Bush described his base, in jest- and as my mom used to say, many a truth is said in jest.

Mr. Clinton may be regarded as and called many things, good and bad, by many people- but one thing he said really has stuck with me ALL these years. He said he felt it was important for us to "all go up together"- to access greater opportunities and a brighter future...TOGETHER! I stick by that.

I hold that vision with hope for your children and mine.

Our children and grandchildren must NOT be held responsible for the costs of what has come to pass in the last 3+ years. We MUST stop the bankrupting- morally and financially and environmentally, of this country.

Thank you, give me hope.

Hugs to you...
Joyce in the mts.

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I can't believe I'd even think this way but I'm having my own doubts about Bush.

Joyce, I can't stand Clinton. I think he's just about as bad but lucked into the tech boom and a good economy.

If you look at their resume's Bush and Kerry are tweedle dee and tweedle dum (first thing is their Yale education so lump in Clinton and Bush 41 for that matter.)

Note the tone of frustration here!!!!!!!

Debra Baker (ducking the flame gun as well)

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Debra, I expect that everyone has an opinion.

While I am not the least surprised that it makes others recoil, I still believe that the words I quoted are right on for me.

We "all go up together" or we (knowingly or unknowingly) foster negativities that lead to unrest- dare I say we foster at least unrest and perhaps, eventually, foment *gasp* terrorism?!

The way I see it:

Either we work together and care about one another as a community in big and small ways that REALLY work, or we fall apart ever more separately, domestically and globally.

I would say that the latter is very ugly.

Do your will.

Joyce in the mts.

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I think he's just about as bad but lucked into the tech boom and a good economy.
I have to disagree with this. Clinton actually put *more* money back in low to middle income workers pockets. *That* makes the economy move. Low & middle income earners spend a much higher % of their income, if you give them more, they spend more. The wealthy (benificiaries of GWB tax cuts) save more.

Welcome to the light NewMom_27!

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wow, I thought it was pretty clear that whatever we post is automatically our opinion.

But if adding IMO before calling Bush a moron makes it ok, I'll gladly start doing that.

To the OP welcome to the other side!

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Bush converts--first, yea! Glad to have you aboard.

MoveOn wants to hear from you. (You've heard of MoveOn? The grass-roots organization that Karl Rove calls the biggest threat to reelection?)

I got this email yesterday.

Dear MoveOn member,

You've seen a lot of political ads, with actors pretending to be
real people. But we've always found that real "real people" are
more interesting and have more important things to say. Academy
award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris has agreed to produce a series
of ads for the MoveOn PAC, featuring authentic American voices
committed to change.

This is a casting call. We want to hear your story.

To be part of this exciting campaign, just go to:

Errol will be selecting a dozen people from those who respond, for
on-camera interviews. This series of ads will begin airing at the
time of the Democratic Convention.

We believe America is ready for a change. Your voice could be part
of making it happen.

It'll only take a minute. Tell your story. Tell us about your
family and friends. Are people changing their minds about
President Bush? Have you? Why?

We're looking for people from all walks of life -- all of America.
Because we're all in this together.

We've attached a note from Errol Morris below that describes what
he has in mind.

To help out, just fill out the form at:

Thanks for everything you do,

-Eli Pariser and Wes Boyd
for MoveOn PAC
July 1, 2004

Director of the academy award-winning documentary FOG OF WAR.

I have been struck by the eloquence of ordinary citizens. And I have
thought in the context of the 2004 campaign, rather than have
pollsters talk to the American people, why not have the American
people talk to the American people -- in their own words? Who
better to express the current concern with the direction in which
America is going? Who better to express the dreams and aspirations
of Americans? Who better to express their hopes for change?

Many of us have very strong feelings and beliefs about what has
happened in the last four years in our country. But there is also
a growing concern with what could happen in the next four years.
Is this country heading in the right direction? What is our vision
of America? Is it being realized?

MoveOn has pioneered a new kind politics with populist roots.
It has allowed Americans to speak directly to other Americans.

This is a very simple idea. A different kind of political
advertising. Not a prepared speech. Not a voice-over narrative,
but rather Americans speaking one on one. Americans speaking to
other Americans in their own words, expressing their beliefs and
their hopes for the future.

Americans explaining why this election is not just another election,
but an election that will define how America is perceived around the
world and just as important, what America is for all of us.

You can help us by filling it out this survey. None of this can
be done -- as in all of what MoveOn has achieved -- without you.

Errol Morris

Not Authorized by any candidate or party committee


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Good for you! I find is SO refreshing to hear that you (and I suspect countless others like yourself) are open-minded enough to see the truth. If you have even a shread of doubt, go see Michael Moore's movie - it will erase your doubts altogether. It was definitely worth the $8.75!

Debra Baker, I'm glad to hear you're "coming around"
we live very close to each other and, as you know, our area is moderately conservative. So, as someone already asked, would you mind sharing with us what is behind your change of heart?

Praying for peace on earth for ALL people,
Paula Bear

Check this out:
lotsa cool music with thought-provoking lyrics!

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DebraBaker- From what I've read, apart from their educations Bush and Kerry actually have quite different resumes. And even while at Yale, they performed quite differently.

Here are two excellent pieces of journalism on these men:



The key theme you'll see throughout is that Kerry has been a hard worker -- and successful -- most of his life. He set his sights on the presidency while he was in college, and has been determinedly working toward that ever since.

Bush, on the other hand, was a screwoff till age 40, and even after that received handout after handout from family friends to get where he is.

Yes, yes, I'm a Kerry supporter. But it's also just the plain truth!
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