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I have doula paraphenalia!

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I threw a baby shower for my best friend (also a "client" but of course I'm not charging her) and for my hostess gift, she gave me a bunch of doula paraphenalia!

1. A tshirt that says (on the front) "Ask me what a doula is" and (on the back) "A birth doula provides an extra heart and two extra hands."

2. A pin that says "Doulas. Changing the world on birth at a time."

3. A bag with teddy bears on it that says "Doulas make childbirth bearable."

4. An italian charm bracelet with a charm that says Doula.

5. A bumper sticker that says "Of course I'm nice. I'm a DOULA."

All that, and I get to be present for her VBAC (2 vag births, 1 emergency c-s against her will, and this pregnancy).
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