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I have fallen so far off the healthy food wagon:(

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It's been progressively getting worse and worse over the past 3 mos. I have 3 kids - 6 yrs., 2 yrs., and 6 mos. DH had 2 jobs and the past 3 mos. he's spent the majority of his time out of the house. So my eating habits really started sinking. I was so tired from wrangling 3 (my 2 yr. old is not walking or talking yet so she's like having another baby) that I slowly let convenience foods creep in. Yesterday my mom was here and unpacked my groceries and was shocked! She's a food junkster but I have always been the healthy one. She unpacked 2 boxes of Krispy Kremes, frozen waffles, frozen pizza, chocolate chips, and so much more. When she was surprised I realized how bad it has gotten.

Dh is down to 1 job now thank goodness and I'm going to claw my way out of the hole I've created. It's time. I am well versed on good nutrition but I've just slipped. Anyone have words of wisdom or books/sites that I can look at to inspire me? I would really love some children's books w/recipes and nutrition advice. I've read alot but I'm going to reread some.

I'm just down that I have fallen face first over this. Plus, my metabolism is revved up so I can eat anything without gaining weight right now and I am such a chocoholic. The more junk I eat the worse I feel but the more I want it. I think I'm going to have to reread some grose out books like Fast Food Nation and The New Diet for America. That should give me a kick in the a$$.

Share - please. I'm going to make my last batch of cookies tonight - for awhile.

Oh I should also state I am not a fabulous cook I enjoy cooking light stuff. It's pretty easy and tasty.
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I'm feelin' ya, sister. I think we all get into unhealthy ruts when we're pressed for time and have kids that need to eat RIGHT NOW! I love eating healthy and organic, but sometimes it seems that every meal takes an hour to prepare and I don't always feel like major cooking. So, I have learned to compromise. Not every meal is made from scratch, but it is organic, even if it's frozen. I have a limited food budget, so I can't really afford convenience foods of any kind. My favorite thing to make for the kids that is fast & easy is tostadas. OG corn tortillas (79cents a dozen)---put 6 or so on a baking sheet and bake until crisp (8 min. @ 350). Remove from oven and pile on the goodies! Canned refried beans, cheese, scallions, lettuce, tomatoes (or salsa if your kids like it and you don't have time to cut tomatoes), whatever you like. You can vary this by using whole wheat tortillas (just warmed in the oven--not crisp) and making burritos instead. Also, a few other quick favorites are tuna salad sandwiches (if you eat tuna), pasta (my kids like it with canned whole beans, veggies and cheese or tomato sauce, veggies and
cheese), or tuna mac with frozen veggies. Make the macaroni, but before you drain it, throw in the frozen veggies until warmed through. Drain, mix in the cheese, milk, butter and tuna. Voila! For quick snacks around here we stick to dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruits, tortilla chips and salsa, ya know... Another thing I like to do that saves time is to make big batches of stuff and freeze it. Soups work great for this and if you ever make pizza from scratch, make a bunch and have your own stash of frozen pizza! It helps sometimes to make one big cooking day and pre-prepare a lot of stuff for meals during the week. Anyway, I hope some of this is helpful and I support you in rediscovering wellness for your family. Oh, yeah, I wanted to tell you that I have been on the chocoholic trip many times and have found the only way to defeat it is to cut yourself off altogether. It's the same with refined white sugar for me. I can't have just a little. The stuff is legal crack as far as I'm concerned. White flour works the same way. (WHOA,Krispy Kreme) I had the same problem going on not long ago when I thought I had miscarried and was majorly depressed and eating like crap. Turns out I was still pregnant! My poor baby, forming his first cells from crappy refined foods!
That's the biggest thing that got me back on the wagon--my kids!
Blessings to you and your family!
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