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Ok, I need input on this one. In March I had 2 root canals done. At this point I've had the post and temporary filling put into each one. The next step is the forming and taking a cast to have crowns made, I guess.

I SWEAR that I have feeling in one of these teeth--first molar on the bottom left of my jaw. When the endodontist did the root canal, I went back to have the gutta percha put in after 3 days or so of the root canal procedure, and I swore that I had feeling there, though at the time I rationalized it as being a 'ghost' feeling, kind of like when someone loses an arm and can still feel it there afterwards. Anyhow, I told him, he checked and said the nerve was gone...

Now, when I floss between the tooth in question and the one next to it, it's sensitive, when I tap it with my fingernail, it's sensitive, when I push on the tooth from either side, it's sensitive. It's fine when I chew, and had no feeling at all when the dentist drilled and put the post in. If I do any of the things I just described to the teeth on either side of them (both of which are 'live'), they don't have these sensitive feelings in them. What's going on here?

I told my dentist, and he did mention that there could be a 4th canal that they missed, then proceeded to go ahead and put the post in anyhow. He said he put a ceramic post in, so if it needed to be removed later, it would be easier. I don't want to go through this again (time, energy, fear and $$$$$
)in a couple of years because they should have followed up on this now, what should I do?

Does anyone know if this can be just sensation in the jaw that I think is in the tooth, or what?

Any suggestions or help are appreciated. TIA.
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