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I went to the birth registration office again, and I finally got a different answer, I no longer have to take my precious little child in to the hospital after she is born!! YAY!!!!
They gave me a form, and said that I have to take it to the local japanese city office, and apply for a birth certificate.
It will take some work, and a little more effort, but I can bypass the doctors now!!
I feel so empowered!!!!

Everytime I went in before, they said that I had to go through the military hospital, so my child could get the proper documents for USA citizenship. They said that I had to take her in to the doctor (in the L&D ward no less) within 48 hours of birth, and they would take care of the BC. I wasn't too worried about it before, because I was a little afraid of my UC choice and I wanted to have my baby checked out afterwards to make sure she was okay anyway.

Recently my fear has melted away, and the very idea of taking my new little baby to that horrid hospital just made me want to cry.

Now I don't have to YAY!!!!!

I finally have everything ready, the pool is here, I have the hose, and the attachments for the faucet. I have all my labor supplies, and I have the baby's room ready. Everything is right, and the last thing that was worrying me, has now resolved itself!!!

I am so happy I want to cry. Everything is just right, and perfect, and I can relax. I can't explain how I feel , but I am just at peace, and I feel completey ready, physically, mentally and emotionally.


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