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I have issues.......

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I have this thing with stuff being uniform and all the same. Like I want all my dipes to be one thing stacked in a row, and then get wild with the covers. I have tons of wool and such to make the outside pretty. I just do not get into all the different fabrics sitting there in piles.
Is that weird?
I currently have 18 SP in all ivory with spring green inners and six sage wonderoos sitting in a cute basket in the nursery. They MATCH the nursery. I am pathetic. Then I have about 17-18 wool covers...mainly kiwi pie..... patchwork pixies.....all in an array of luxe colors/fabrics etc stacked neatly beside them. All of my wipes are a natural hemp and are all the same. I just like it this way. Very simple, clutter free and cute and storybook like....very poster look for CDing....all natural looking.... LOL
I did have several diapers in several different prints patterns etc. It just looked like a cluttered mess to me. I sold them all. I also sold 13 growing greens which are the all natural color. I miss those though because they were alll pretty and ivory and nice and uniform LOL. So right now I am just looking to add some more dipes into my use. My crazy brain says to order more sugar peas to keep it uniform, my heart say order fireflies for the great reviews. Then should I get colors or natural colors???? I just hate things all clashing!!!!!! LOL I hate worry if my periwinkle kiwi will look goofy over a bright pink firefly!!!!
I am nuts? Maybe?
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Oh and also....I can never just order ONE...I have to buy in sets of THREE. I hae to have three of something sitting her. I swear this is a sign of OCD!!!!!
OMgosh, you would hate living with my stash
I have colors Rainbow Brite would die for.
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No. I'd just organize them by color! LOL My closet is organized that way...all browns toether, whites etc.

NUTS.. I am telling you I am NUTS! I should probably go get meds for this.
well you may have OCD, I know I do, I think everyone does because OCD is just a term for something you "have to do", but there are different levels, like being a perfectionist is an OCD but that isnt really hurting anyone, but that thing where people are over compulsive about touching germs, that can hurt people, LOL, didnt you ever see that movie?
my husband says I have it because I check the doors all though our house three times before bed each night....It's the number three. LOL. I do three extra rinses on my diapers...I do all threes. I swear look it's a disease.....the three disease. YOWZERS
P.S. I am not a HUGE germ freak....
Well maybe I am...If you have hand sanitizer in your purse, diaper bag, car and gym bag is that bad?

LOL Seriously I do.
And I am in NO way making fun of OCD people. Because I am truly convinced I am one!
hmmm, i have days where i long for a uniform stash (and on those days your myriad of wool covers would bug me) then there are other days where i just want all cute prints. i've tried a uniform stah, but always end up branching out.

i have 4 baskets on a shelf above the changing table. the big one holds 8 prefold fitteds in one row and 8 assorted dipes (usually a mixture of homemade and cloud 9 softies) in a second row. the second one holds 8 elbee fitteds. the third basket holds 8 assorted mock AIOs (for easy changes) usually pre-stuffed disposanots and bumkins wraps with a trifold hemp soaker. The 4th basket holds as many covers as i can jam into it.
the extras go in a drawer under the changing pad. only the very top of the diapers peek up above the basket so it looks neat even if everything in it isn't uniform. i may have to revamp the system if she moves to larges as i'm not sure how they'd fit in the baskets, but it's worked well with nb, small and medium sizes.
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I am kind of like that too -- I seem to find a diaper I like and want to have the entire stash of just that. Right now its SOS and Wonderoos (though I do have different colors). I have them all stacked in neat piles in the changing table. I used to be that way with Sugar Peas but I have gotten over my obsession with them.
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I'm a little like that. I like the prints, but can't put clashing diaper and cover on. If it's a print diaper, I have to use a solid cover (that matches). If it's a print cover, I like a solid diaper underneath. So, I use plain white Bummis or my one periwinkle wool cover over my cute fitteds and prefolds under my cute covers. I really prefer to have only one type of diaper (well, two I guess with my prefolds) because I like it to fit the same way every time. SOS worked with my oldest, so that's what I'm trying to build up this time, too. I've found a system I like, and I'm sticking with it (for the curious, it's SOS and prefolds as diapers, LHC and Fuz Easy for covers, with a few soakers that my grandmother is knitting me and one I'm testing for someone). I'll probably keep my Muttaqin, too, and might end up buying a few more of those. Okay, maybe it's not completely uniform, but it's not too branched out.
How's this for weird - I ordered 18 medium FBs a little while ago, in a mix of primary and pastel colors, and the minute I placed the order I regretted not getting all white. I mean isn't part of the fun of CDing that you can get colors, prints, etc. But I want white? I think it's all about wanting things to be orderly and uniform. I hope I love my colors when they get here though, I'm sure I will once I can coordinate with her outfit.
And I just bought two great AIO prints, so my baskets of diapering supplies are gonna get wild and crazy!
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I have to have all of my diapers piled in neat stacks, with the prettiest ones at the front. And I MUST coordinate liners, diapers and covers!

Most of my dipes are white (with colour on the trim), except for my AIOs. I just like how the white dipes look. Kinda boring, but also very cute and retro.

I freak out at DH when he just grabs a dipe willy-nilly and disturbs my neat piles. Now he which diaper he's allowed to use, first!
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I wish I had time and money to be so neat! When I do have the time to make my stash pretty, I have 3 or 4 stacks. I'm bad to buy 2 or 3 of everything
trying to find that perfect diaper! I have 1 big stack of FBs and cuddlebuns. Then I have 2 Fuzbaby Gardens and 1 Firefly, 3 Knickernappies, and a few homemade
All my wool covers are usually hanging up or lying around the house somewhere
If I had the money and bidding ability, I'd only have Fuzbaby Gardens and my BaaBaaBottoms!
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Summie, can you come have issues at my house?
I was going to post the exact same thing! You'd have a nervous breakdown over here, but I could sure use your skills.
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I swear I am mental.
I just organized my laundry detergent by tallest to shortest. Lanolin and Eucleran included. That is dorky folks. We have a housekeeper and I still clean. Is that goofy or what? Stuff just never feels in order or clean enough to me. I am nuts I am telling you! NUTS!
I completely understand the OCD. I count ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME in my head. Everything is about numbers, and everything has to match up. I get uncomfortable when I hit a number that isn't divisable by 3, 4, 5, or 10. Like something bad might happen. Prime numbers are ok, since they're special.
After too many close calls while DRIVING and counting road dashes or telephone wires, I finally had to force my mind to not care so much. I still count all the time, and I still get uncomfortable when things don't add up, I just now have the power to decide if I should care.

Now, since the likelihood of you almost dying over your cd arrangement is pretty low, I'm sure you don't need to force your OCD over them out of your mind. :LOL Soooo, since FireFlies come in so many pretty colors, I'm sure you can find some to match your nursery! If not, they do come in natural - the serge color is different among sizes, though, so make sure you know what color they are trimmed in.
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Oh and I ordered my lovey bums in all sages and ivory's to match my nursery so they will look all perfect and Better homes and gardens sitting there when clean.
Do fireflies come in sage???

Hmmm :LOL I must be the oddball! I love vibrant colors and prints - I would be so bored with all natural colors! I do keep my dipes very organized in baskets and have each brand together (FCBs on one side, Muttaqins on another, and a basket for randoms) and my wool is stacked neatly by covers and soakers, but the colors make me happy.

I don't like having too many diaper brands, so I've managed to get it down to my faves. I have over 48 fitteds (2 in diapers
) so all one color would drive me nuts! :LOL
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