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I have made a plan!!

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I am going to try TWTM for awhile! I started reading the book and it made sense to me and my values (as well as dh's). Then I went to a friend's house today, who uses TWTM for her kids and I looked through some of her books. It was neat to see them and flip through them and realize what would work for my dd and what wouldn't.

What I like best though, is the freedom it offers. I did Calvert last year and it was okay, but I ended up setting the manual aside and letting dd self-pace depending on the subject and her interest at the time.

So I know some of the programs we will order now!! I am still researching other things. I love that we can do some now and I will wait until she's more mature to start other stuff. Right now she loves "school at home" and loves learning and I don't want to squash that in either one of us by forcing too much structure on us or a timeline to finish it.

So I'm going to hold off on history and formal science until she's older. Abi already loves science and we spent a good portion of our school year exploring the solar system, the Earth, and human body all on our own. I will go ahead with handwriting since she's already writing really well for her age and loving it. Math (I liked my friend's Math-U-See kit and books), because she's liking that too, and of course reading. For her, reading is not work, it's fun.

My friend also showed me and her kids' artwork based on that approach. I am so darned excited to get it now! I feel like I have discovered a whole new world. :LOL I am actually developing my own cirriculum based on my child's needs and interests!! How cool is that? I feel like I've graduated or something.

Now I wish I had read it last year, but then I was not ready for it yet. I needed to get my feet wet with Calvert and define my needs and dd's needs better. Calvert is still a good launching pad for a first-timer IMO.
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Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with dd,
! Just wondering what is TWTM?
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Originally Posted by Fairy4tmama
Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with dd,
! Just wondering what is TWTM?
The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home
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thanks chanale
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So happy for you. BIG HUGS

I'm often asked "isn't hard to develop three different curriculums for each of your kids ?" I always say (and mean it!) "it's actually easier to develop something based on their interests/skill level than it is to fit them into a forced curriuclum"

You'll love it. It will be addicting.
I can't wait for the stuff to come.
Especially the art. I also ordered a Charlotte's Web CD for her to listen to in the car, or when falling asleep.

My dh is still in the "grade" mentality. I am starting to let go of that but it's hard, having been drilled into me my whole life. He wanted me to come up with a daily schedule. I said no, I would just let her drive it and do it at her own pace and according to her interest. I had to remind him she's only 4.5 and wouldn't even be starting public K until fall 2006. So no rush, no rush at all.

My friend who does TWTM suggested that I try to work out the introduction of history so that by the time Abi is going around to her second four-year block, Nitara will be starting the first four-year block. That way we can check out many of the same resources for both of them.

I am so lucky to have input from friends and on-line communities when designing our plan!
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Hi! Bumping this up since I've kind of come full circle with TWTM
I looked at this curriculum almost a year ago and thought it was too structured and rigid for some reason. After a year of research I've come back to it and realize this is what will meet our needs best!
It wasn't till AFTER I found most of my curriculum that I came to realize that all of it was what TWTM uses LOL
I'm so excited to use it! We're starting next week!

Wondered what your thoughts were after having it for a month?
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