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I have no phone!!!!!

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I am semi freaked out right now. Both my house phone AND my cell phone aren't working! Weird coincidence that they're BOTH not working. My main concern is what if something happens to one of the kids (I'm a worry wart) and I can't call 911. With 3 kiddos now it'll be really hard to load em all up in the van and drive to the emergency room if someone's hurt or sick....I know I'm being irrational. Just want to share my freak out with you.
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Disregard freak out. Cell phone is now working.
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Major whew!

I felt like I was in a horror movie where they cut all the phone lines. Very weird.
oh thats good the cell is working. I always think that when my internet goes out....that someone knows I have vonage (uses my internet to connect the phone) and cut it on purpose so I cant call and is gonna come in here and kill us or something! LOL
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