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I have the TP plague..............

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No one buys my stuff!! EVER!!
I know we have hashed this out like 5,000X but I don't get it!!
I listed some major hyena stuff last week & have not sold ONE THING!!

I got 6 RB shell sets from the last stocking & I listed 4 of them becasue I just cannot afford to keep them all right now. After last stocking, there were pages of posts from mamas who missed it & were upset. Henry has never worn what I am selling so I asked what I paid & offered free shipping. NOT ONE BUYER! I just cannot understand.

I have a diaper listed that everyone raves about & you cannot get them from the site~no one has even asked about it.

IS IT ME?? Is it unfair to ask what you paid for something when it is new?? If you can't sell something here on the TP then where in the world can you sell???

Guess I better curb my spending!!
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My theory is everyone is spending on the charity auctions right now.
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I think it's the thrill to stalk. I love rb stuff, but it seems like FLAGs are the most popular. I mean I think there are still some shell sets available on the site.

Originally Posted by MissSugarKane

My theory is everyone is spending on the charity auctions right now.

This is so true Stacey. Bad timing!
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The Trading Post in general is soooooo slooooooow right now! Everyone is having trouble, not just you! It goes in spurts.
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I have been having trouble selling alot of my stuff so I gave up for a month and then started reading all the ISOs and have been having much more luck that way.
I agree that most people's money is going to charity right now. Maybe try again in a week or two? I know I personally have never tried RB so I am afraid to try a full price one. I wait and try "new to me" stuff well used
But i know plenty of hyenas that should be clamoring for your shell sets!
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Also seems that the larger sizes are going slower than the smaller ones -- at least, from my perspective (looking for smaller sizes).
I know as a buyer I always find much better deals on the TP vs ebay, so maybe try ebaying it?
Hi! I PMd you about some of your sets and a dipe! I'm a NEWBIE to the boards and CD. Lucky for everyone, I am starting from scratch.

Last night I was GLUED to the diaper TP. What a wonderful place!!

I would much rather list things here than eBay and trade! I have some pricey items (a $125 pair of way comfy casual shoes that I have decided I won't wear 'cause I have too many black pairs!) I was going to list on eBay, but I think I wait out my NEWBIE status and list them when my wait is up.

Hopefully I
will be able to help you out!
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I am low on funds or I would look for wool & fitteds.
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