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I have to have at least one thread

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To complain in :LOL I'm sure I'll have more and get on all of your nerves in the future so consider this your warning!

Why must I get morning sickness for 24/7 every single time? I feel so crappy. Dh is so not sympathetic. The kids are out of control.
And I can do nothing but sit and lay down. I constantly feel like I'm car sick. I've tried every remedy in the world with every pregnancy. Some things help a little but mostly it's just me fighting it in the beginning and eventually giving in to laying on the couch for the last four weeks of the first trimester. It's such a bummer. I'm so thrilled to be pg and then it's pulled out from underneath me b/c I feel so awful. I know you all can relate so I had to vent to you. Thanks!
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I hear you! I pulled the tv out of the closet and the kids are watching Dora and playing video games while I moan on the couch. It's pathetic. But I just can't stop being sick. It always lasts through the 12 week mark for me, so I get super depressed after that, cause I feel like I should feel better by then.
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Oh, man, do I feel your pain. I feel like that every day, too, but usually it lasts much longer than the first trimester (7 months, I think, with the first pregnancy and 22 weeks with the second). I'm hoping that this time it won't last as long.

We've been eating out or takeout a LOT. I cooked on MOnday and Tuesday of this week, though I wasn't able to actually EAT what I cooked
: but we've eaten out since then. I've had to switch Alec from cloth to disposable because I just can't keep vomiting when I have to wash diapers. Plus, even though the can was clean and tightly lidded, I swear I could smell the diapers all over the house. Oh, and tap water makes me want to vomit, too. Every shower is torture!

I'm sending you healthy vibes, but they're probably not very good coming from me.
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Today I discovered what's worse than not being able to puke and just being nauseous 24/7. Dry Heaves.
How is that necessary to creating a life?! Isn't pregnancy supposed to be a beautiful thing and I should be GLOWING?!!
: I'm not glowing. I'm sitting on my butt watching tv for 6 hours at a time because moving around makes me sicker.

Tracie (whine whine whine)
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: Nice to "meet" you all.
I want to whine too! At 9ish weeks I haven't puked yet, but I am severely queasy and can't seem to stop up the other end

With my last pregnancy, which was 8+ years ago I puked for 4 months. Cereal, soymilk and soy yogurt are my main foods right now.
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OK, I guess it's good to know I'm not alone. I went to bed last night super early and would still be sleeping but ds3 got up at 5:30
Anyway, so far so good this morning. I'm moving slowly. Trying to find dd1's TBall shirt and dreading going to the game. Isn't that awful? I feel like a terrible mother. I also have our food co op today. Argh. Why do I join things? :LOL Thanks for the support ladies!
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i hear ya too. i feel like crap all the time. i can't even find anything to drink that's tempting which is bad cause i know i need the extra fluids right now. i'm gonna try ice tea next. the best things for me right now are shrimp cocktail and mcdonald's fries with a coke. none of which are particularly healthy right now especially. i'm so depressed at the thought of six more weeks of this i was almost thinking it would be better to not be pg. but the last time i thought that i had a m/c. why does this have to be soooo hard and icky? and i can't relaly complain to anyone because we haven't told anyone LOL!

so knowing how i feel, my dh is upstairs folding laundry while i cook dinner :puke (they should really have this smiley under the pg category, don't ya think?)
I can stomach my home made lemonade, ginger ale, and emergen-C that's about it. I can't stomach much in terms of food. This too shall pass (my new mantra)
Im here with ya AMy!!!!! ugh....

But I have a question for you, an experienced nursing through pregnancy mama.............

Everytime I lay on the couch or whatever it seems that it is like Pavolv's dog and ds thinks he needs to nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sore nipples to boot and I also feel so horrible that it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to say no, but its getting bad. He is nursing 200% more than before pregnancy. What do you do????? I cannot lay down without him dropping whatever he was doing before happily and asking to nurse. To be honest, I feel so bad that I don't even want to deal with the crying and begging, so I just give in even though its driving me up the wall. I figure, at least I can lay down.....any advice oh so wise one????????
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