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I havent told the daddy...

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He's been away for a week or so... I don't know how to brake him the news... I want it to be dramatic and wonderful...
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With my first pregnancy, I gave dh a tiny pair of shoes, wrapped up in a gift bag. It took him about 2 seconds to process it.

With this pregnancy, I wanted to be all dramatic and fun again, but I mentioned that I had to cancel a medical procedure that was scheduled for the next Monday. When he asked why, I blurted out, "Because they won't do it if you're pregnant!" So much for my big plans.

Hope you think of something wonderful!
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My dh is away on business so I had him get on the webcam on his laptop and then i told him that I was sending him a picture I took today(which was obviously the positive test), and did he see what I saw. It was great getting to watch his expression and he was so shocked because neither of us expected this so soon
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To tell my family I bought DD a shirt that says "I'm going to be a big sister". You may be able to find one for yourself to wear, or one for him "Honey, I saw this shirt and I thought it was perfect for you!"

Enjoy your surprise
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With #1 we were anxiously awaiting the preg test, he was fertility. DH was on a flight back to town, so he was about the 20th person to find no way I was waiting to share the news! With #2 i made #1 a t-shirt..i'm going to be a big brother...and I can honestly say I dont remeber how I told him about it was only a year ago.

enjjoy and get it on video if you can!!
I got it on video when I told my DH...then after a moment so he could collect his thoughts, I "interviewed" him on how he feels. I was wearing a t-shirt that says "Maturation Chamber" on it....if you know about the Star Trek Borg, you'll get it!
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I love the meal with all "baby" food items. Baby corn, baby carrots, baby potatoes.... Kinda cheesy, but I guess that's me. And probably too subtle for most.
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