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I heard eBay is going to start offering FREE shipping supplies!

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This is from someone who has stock in eBay:

NEW ORLEANS, Jun 25, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- eBay, The World's Online Marketplace, and the U.S. Postal Service today introduced free co-branded shipping supplies, which will display the recognizable eBay and Postal Service logos. Beginning July 2004, the eBay community can order the newly designed free shipping supplies for Priority Mail service. Boxes will be available in three sizes along with tape.

The shipping supplies are another new addition to the convenient online shipping service eBay and the Postal Service unveiled in February 2004, which allows sellers to calculate rates, purchase postage and print shipping labels from their computer. With this new service, co-branded Priority Mail boxes will be delivered directly to an eBay member's home. This, combined with the Carrier Pickup service offered by the Postal Service makes shipping quick, easy and convenient for eBay sellers.

"The Postal Service is committed to bringing new value to the eBay community by making it easy to access and use our products and services. Providing co-branded Priority Mail boxes and tape is just another way we help eBay sellers be more successful," said Anita J. Bizzotto, chief marketing officer, U.S. Postal Service.

The new shipping materials can be ordered exclusively through eBay's site. There will be a link from the eBay shipping page to order the free co-branded boxes and tape.

"At any given time there are more than 25 million items for sale on eBay, worldwide. Shipping is integral to the successful completion of each transaction," said Jeff Jordan, senior vice president of eBay North America, "These new co-branded boxes will help make it even faster and more efficient for our community members to ship packages."
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Hmmm... if they could work out something similar with Canada Post, that would be even better!
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rofl, I was thinking the same thing just another thing that us Canadians can't use.
How is this different than the free USPS mailing supplies that you can get directly through the post office? They'll just have the eBay logo? There's already a huge supply of mailing supplies free through the usps website.
I geuss it is no different
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