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I hope I made a difference.....

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I wanted to share a really great experience I had yesterday. I allready mentioned it in a thread over in "life with a babe", but i wanted to share the full story here. First, you need to know that BF rates in Georgia are unbelievably low, particularly among young mothers, and more so among young black mothers. I feel like reaching out, but I'm always afraid that I will come across as a "nipple nazi". Instead, I make it a point to nurse everywhere I can. I nurse modestly but not particularly discreetly. Yesterday, I was at the hospital visiting my sister, and we stopped in the gift shop. On the way out, Avery was nursing/dozing in the sling, and I dropped some change. Two young, black nurses aids stopped and picked it up for me since it was hard to bend down with the baby. One said, "oh, look, she's breastfeeding." And they both started raving about my fat healthy baby. I told them he was only 3 months old, and they both did a double take and had to feel the sling to make sure he really was that big. When they walked away, I heard them telling each other, "they don't lie about that breastmilk." And, "I think I might BF when I have kids." That made me feel really good. Later, we went up to see my mom in the same hospital, and I got off the elevator and a young black nurse started raving about my beautiful baby boy (he smiled and she saw his dimples), and telling me how she wanted her baby to be nice and plump like mine (she was about 7 months pregnant, I realized it when she stood up.) I told her how old he was, and she called another nurse over to see him. She said, "what are you feeding him?" And I said, "brestmilk, of course."

I hope I don't sound racist. I would have felt good no matter what color these women were, but, knowing the statistics, I felt especially good knowing that 3 young black women walked away considering BFing their future babies. Does that make sense? I hope you ladies can understand. I am white, and the rates among white women are low, but not nearly as low. With all that was going on yesterday, I got a smile out of that. I hope I made a difference, or at least planted a seed. Even if these women decide not to BF, maybe they will support their sisters/cousins/aunts/friends who do. We all know support is everything.
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Sounds to me like some seeds of positivity were planted. And race had nothing to do with it IMO. You were all women who love babies.
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That's great! I'm in Georgia as well and I have only seen four women in nine months (besides myself and my one nursing friend) NIP. So, good for you for encouraging women of any race.
Thanks, like I said, anyone who speaks positively about my breast feeding makes me feel good, I was just especially touched that we weren't even of the same race and I felt like we shared a special moment. It was moving, when the women walked away talking about what a wonderful thing breastfeeding is, and I couldn't help but think how many more women might be affected if they could see women of other races BFing. KWIM? It just touched me in a way that is hard to explain.
When I was in Ireland in August I was sitting at a train station waiting for a train (go figure
: ), and my 3yo decided to nurse. I didn't pay any attention to people around me, I just nursed. When she was done and got up, a young pregnant woman beside me commented on it, and "is it hard?". I said it takes practice, but it's definitely worth it, healthier, etc. When the train came she said she thought she would try with this baby (her second). I reminded her that it can take a few weeks to get the hang of it, and to give it that time. I would love to know what she did!!
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You don't sound racist at all.Thanks for helping the cause!The statistics are low among blacks period. I think nip is the best way to promiote. excuse nak.
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That is really neat!! I live in TN and I bet the bfing rates are about the same here. I nurse in public all the time just to try to get someone to talk about it. People around here look at you funny if they see you doing it. I don't think your post sounded racist at all. I am inspired by you!!
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