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Yesterday I met a really nice couple (friends of my brother (K) and his wife (MA)). Although K and MA have left their 3 sons intact, many of their friends and even her brother have circ'd (his baby boy born 2 weeks ago, I'm so angry about it I have not been able to get over it).

So I'm talking to these new acquaintances and conveniently enough my DSs ask for help changing into their swimsuits. Perfect opportunity!!! This couple seemed to notice, because they asked about the issue of circ'ing! I of course said NO WAY and short-version why. I also asked the dad-to-be whether HE would like to get circ'd (I correctly assumed he was intact because of where he's from and you should have seen the look of horror on his face!!!) to which I replied "your baby feels the same way".

So then SIL told them to MAKE SURE not to let baby out of their sight at the hospital. She said: "K always followed our babies around, which the nurses apparently found extremely annoying (who cares) but it's critical to make SURE they don't get circ'd or a bottle, etc.)."

We both told them to take diapers with big NO CIRC written on them. They were also very interested in BFing and found it neat that I "still" nurse my 15mo DD.

They look like they'll be great parents - and any boys will be left with all their parts. After the shock of SIL's brother circ'ing (if I had remotely suspected they would, I would have written to him and now I'm kicking myself, although knowing his DW it probably would have made no difference), I really needed something positive and I wanted to share it with you guys.
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