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This has NEVER happened to me, I'm still literally laughing out loud to myself when I think of it and it happened nearly a week ago

We have a bumper sticker on our SUV that reads: "Human milk for baby humans; cow milk for baby cows"

We were stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn on Monday, on our way to the Cape when I heard (from the passenger side out the window), "Excuse me? Excuse me!"

I turned around and there is this GUY leaning out of his sedan waving at us. He says, "Um, can you tell me what your bumper sticker is about?!"

I started laughing and said, "Um, BREASTFEEDING!"

Well, he turned red, and said, "But, I mean, the cow's milk? Is it about mad cow disease?"

And I said, "um, nope, just about nursing your baby"

And he says, very anxiously, "But your sure about the cow's milk? Not about giving babies mad cow's disease?"

And I assured him it was not about mad cow's disease again.

So then he threw in very anxiously and said, "Well, what about CANCER?!"

I was dying at that point and said, "Nope, just about breasfeeding!"

At that point the light changed and we drove away leaving this guy beet red staring after us. The kicker? He was puffing away on a cigarette the whole time he was asking about mad cow's and cancer!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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