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I just lost my felting virginity!

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I have been toiling away at a laptop bag for my sister for (last) Christmas (it's the SnB Nation one). For some reason, I was really excited about this project, and then just lost steam on it. Had I fully understood the magic of felting, I would have finished it a long time ago.

IT's GORGEOUS! I mean, I knew conceptually that it would get smaller, and you would no longer see my (uneven) stitch definition...but it is just lovely the way the colors got so fuzzy and muted and wonderful!

BTW, I used a mixture of Lambs Pride Bulky and Lopi, and they felted just beautifully.
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It's so fun to felt the first time!!!
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I know, I just love felting! I am finishing up a French Market Bag from Knitty and get to felt it later today, I think!!!
you've lost your's all over now
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Felting is so much fun; you just joined the dark side.
I second the pictures!!
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Another one bites the dust.

I did the smallest tote by Fiber Trends in green (limeaid, to be exact) and blue and green novelty yarn: I had to reinforce the handles halfway through felting because they were coming off, and the loose stitch they suggest for the bottom seam is coming apart; I'm going to have to re-sew it entirely. I don't know if it's the size or my patience, but some of the bag isn't felting as much as others. I don't know if I would say it's felting unevenly, though. We used Lion Brand (wool/angora). Also, I'm having trouble manipulating it the way I'd like to for blocking/drying. It was hard for me to conceptualize the post-felt size, so I tried a midsize box, then a cereal box, then portions of the larger box for the bottom...bleh. Nothing like a $60 trial and error project!

Am I the only one who likes the look of felting but not the process itself? And I know I'm being kind of hard on myself, seeing as how 1: I loathe sewing and 2: This is my first finished project. (Although, honestly, I don't know if I can count it as complete if I still have to sew the bottom back together.)

I took befores and will take afters tomorrow, if it's dry.
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I'm trying soo hard to hurry and finish mine for my first felting too- WTG~
Off to download pix now...I am SO bummed I didn't take a "before" picture...I guess I just didn't fully appreciate how dramatic the difference is. I must say I'd highly recommend Lambs Pride for felting - it's completely even everywhere, even though the pattern uses two different stitches, and I might have thought they'd felt pretty differently.
Ok, here are a couple of photos:

I'm not completely done with it yet - am handsewing in the zipper, and still need to sew the ring on the handle (this is SnB Nation's laptop bag). It seems small for a laptop bag, but I think my sis plans to use it for a purse/tote more anyway. Did I mention this was her (Last year's) Christmas present?
Hopefully, she will like it so much she will forgive my tardiness...
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Ohhhhhh, I really like the colors of that bag! It really looks great!
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