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I just used the BEST diaper! Rave for Country Cozy!

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I just got some Country Cozy diapers in the mail today, from They are so beautiful! I got a Cozy N Knit in leopard print with fleece inner, and it was soooooooo soft. I put it on ds, with a wool cover and he wore it for 5 hours with no leaks! BTW, he normally doesn't go five hours in one diaper, but our car broke down and we were stuck for a while waiting for AAA, but that's a whole 'nother story

Anyway, I am so happy with these diapers. I've been trying out a lot of different diapers lately (product testing......yes, I'm product testing.....) and while they've all been good, these stand out. They are so absorbent and not bulky at all. I also got a country cozy, and a knit knickers.

Anyone else try these?

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I'm happy that you like them!

I have a few Southern Snugglers by them.
I loved mine when I first got them, but after washing them a few times, I'm not crazy about the fleece that was used, it got very nappy/pilly.
I also think that they could use a little more attention to detatils (straight and finished seams etc...also the doublers got all misshapen after being washed the first time.)

I use mine as an overnight diaper with my 3 year old with a babykicks hemp liner or doubler. It functions well like that for us.
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