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I knew this day would come

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Ds has always been pretty good when I took a shower...He would just play in the bathroom or his room...

Well...the day has finally come...

I got out of the shower today to find him sitting by the toilet with the entire (NEW) roll of TP in the toilet...

He was so proud of himself to...(Mama paper toilet)...

I just had to give him a hug and take a deep breath...

I knew one day this would happen
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Unforetunately, it STILL happens at my house (sometimes by the 12 month old, sometimes by the 3 year old . . . they just LOVE to see it all mushy). I don't like killing trees, but I can't see getting bent out of shape over it
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There are worse things he could've put in the toilet (remembering the peach...and remembering the day DS--now 10--HIMSELF was sitting in the toilet splashing away contentedly.
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