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I know exercise is important

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but should I still try to walk or otherwise exercise every day if it really wears my body out?
Every time I walk more than 10 feet (or so it seems) I get lots of BH contractions, my hips hurt, and my uterus area feels...not quite right. I end up doing a little bit of activity and having to sit/lie and relax for a couple hours to feel back to normal.

I'd like to stay (get?) active- is it ok to keep walking and doing light exercise at this point?
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Try to do as much as you can. Maybe just going once around the block or parking your car at the end of the grocery parking lot might be easier right now. Another idea would be to try Yoga. I have gotten a CD from the library, which is really mellow, but it makes you move and stretch for about 50min (and afterwards you get to relax

I do feel guilty as well, for not doing as much, as I feel I should (and I am just barely 11weeks along). I used to run every morning 3miles, and now I am out of breath trying to speed walk the same distance. My midwife tells me to just keep trying. So, I will.
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Listen to your body. It's ok to do stretching and calisthenics (sp) instead of cardio (ie walking).
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I agree with listening to your body and doing what you can. My MIL and Mom pushed me from the start "you need to walk" but when I tried (when the weather got better around 5-6 months pregnant) my knees ached so badly that walking around the house was hard for 2 days after. So, I just didn't do my ankles swell the second I get out of bed so I still avoid walking... Don't hurt yourself just because someone says it's the right thing to do!
Try swimming too - it's no-impact, easy on the joints, and it can ease back pain by taking some of the weight off through bouyancy. I think it's important to stay reasonably fit and active so that your body will have the stamina to get through a long labor.

DevaMajka, it also sounds like you might benefit from some chiropractic adjustment and/or massage. I think it's easy for spines/pelvises/hips/knees to get thrown out of whack with the extra weight, sleeping on your side, and relaxin making all your joints loosen up.
I'm a believer in listening to your body. Do what feels right. If it hurts to walk, don't do it - not even parking far away in the grocery lot. But, if you feel lethargic and like you *need* some exercise, try something else - yoga maybe though that might bother you too. The one thing I can do is swimming. I don't even really swim - swimming laps is so not my thing! I walk, run, squat-walk, lunge-walk, even jump around...lots of stretching. Being in the water makes a WORLD of difference.

Another thing is if I'm going to be sitting for a long period because that's what I feel like, I try to at least sit on my exercise ball/ birth ball. It's good for the pelvis & core muscles, and it's good for baby positioning.

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Try swimming too - it's no-impact, easy on the joints, and it can ease back pain by taking some of the weight off through bouyancy. I think it's important to stay reasonably fit and active so that your body will have the stamina to get through a long labor.
This is a GREAT suggestion! Even just floating in a pool can make you feel tons better!
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I am having the same issues, esp with my hips (relaxin?). Swimming sounds perfect.. now if only I could get motivated to shave

I also try to park further away when I go to the store to get a little extra bit of exercise in.
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I also recommend the exercise bike. For some reason, even when walking was giving me BH contractions, the exercise bike was fine. Swimming is also good, but it tires me out like nothing else.
I'm the same way. I'm 33 weeks along and was walking regularly until about two weeks ago, I started having a lot of BH, hips hurting, even cramping up. Plus the baby would drop so low I would literally have to pee almost every block.
I though maybe I should just push through it, but my Midwife said no, not if it's making you that uncomfy. So now I'm just doing yoga instead, which doesn't feel bad. i've also tried the exercise bike, which is kind of annoying because I'm carrying quite low so my legs bump against the babys head, but it doesn't hurt the way walking does! She also suggested swimming, but I haven't got around to that yet.
I did tons of swimming when pregnant with dd2. It was great. Only, when you get back out, you suddenly feel so heavy
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ooohhhh, swimming. That was the only thing that brought me any comfort in the last 3 weeks of my pg with ds!!

I really need to get a swimming pass or something. Ds would be quite happy about it, too.

I do have a prenatal pilates video that was pretty low-key for the 2nd tri stuff. I'll have to get up the motivation to put it on and try the 3rd tri stuff- I bet there's a chance that would be easier on my body than walking.

I am doing some gardening too- that has to count for something, right
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I'm the same way...I walked several miles everyday w/#1 and #2 but I can't imagine walking that now!!! I feel too much pressure, plus the peeing thing, hips hurt, and generally very tired.
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