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Hi Jamie, Thanks for taking my question.

I am wondering "what will I be when I grow up?" That's my jokey way of saying, what will my true calling be? Ive pondered nursing, massage therapy, staying at home w/my kids and having chickens and alpacas, becoming a yoga teacher, and about a gazillion other ideas. Nothing seems practical, or like something that will help to support myself and my family. Sometimes I feel like I should hunker down and go for nursing, since that would be the most practical. But I don't FEEL it, you know? Should I suck it up and try anyway, or follow a dream which might not work out in the long run.

Sorry I got wordy. I know you can only answer one question, so "what will I be when I grow up" will do nicely. Thanks again and have a super day-


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I love people with lots of ideas. Ideas are great!

I am seeing several answers to this and this is what I want to share. The reason that you are having trouble picking just one is b/c you are not meant to just do ONE thing for the rest of your life and that is all. I think if you take that pressure off of yourself you will feel much better and be able to sort out the one thing at a TIME that you can work on. What do you feel passionate about at this moment? For some reason I keep hearing doula. So add that to your list. LOL

I want to also tell you that I am very strongly receiving the message that you are meant to stay home with your kids. But I do sense that you will bring in income too. But whatever you do, or of the many things you will do, I do not feel they will take you away from your kids too much. Sometimes it might, but for the most part I see your kids being on the forefront of what you do at all times.

I see you have a creative side and it needs to be nourished. I see your hands as impt. So look towards things that use your hands. It makes you feel good.

Yk, some ppl can do that one career their whole life and enjoy that. But some ppl cannot. You are a woman of many interests and many abilities and you can and should use them all at one point or another. Life is more fun that way!

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