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I lanolized and her clothes are still wet!

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Wow! Things are sure different here! Well, I come here in my post hyena state b/c we have wet clothes!
I put her in a LF and I *think* it was her Crystals Cloth. after Bible Study b/c we have an hour commute home so dd changes her when we get there and I change her after. That was about 8:30 and we ended up going to meet our Pastors for dinner and that was til 10:30. I picked her up and her jeans were *soaked* !
I think I *just* lanolized again after a leak the week before!

What should I so she can have dry clothes again! And she sat on Pastors lap and left him a momento.
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Was her diaper saturated? Maybe you need more absorbancy? I know my son is a heavier wetter in the am and the evening.

How awkward for you, the poor pastor!
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What diaper did you have on her?

Could be as simple as you need more absorbancy.

What yarn is the soaker made of ?
Some thinner yarns just don't hold up to heavy wetters.

Is it new?
Some new soakers need to be lanolized very, very well the first time or 2.
I was going to say add a doubler; the cover is only as good as the diaper underneath, I know my DS' soaker gets really damp after he's let a flood go in his diaper
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I never got a notify of replies! nak, btw. I had a LF and either a Crystal's Cloth or a fuzbomb. I *think* the CC though. I think the dioe was soaked. I was talking to my Pastors while I was changing her and not paying attention. I have some freebie doublers from WAHMs and I bought some wool ones from Barb, who's store now escapes me. I'm *so* not a hyena anymore!
I guess I better gather all of them up!
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I would vote for more absorbancy in the dipe!
another vote for more absorbancy

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