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I Lost Four Pounds? HOW????????

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I eat alot. More than I know I should, and more of the bad stuff than I should. {Big cravings this pg include Starbucks Java Chip ice cream and mickey d's fries} I get next to no exercise. Yet I lost four pounds between my appointment two weeks ago and today. ?????? My doc says that she's not too concerned as long as Em is moving alot and I am measuring on target. Well Em is a constant source of movement lately, and the doc measured me at 29.5 today, and I'll be thirty one weeks Saturday. So she's not concerned. She's very calm about the whole thing. Says that if anything, we'll look at the results of the three hour GTT [which her office forgot to schedule me for, instead just going straight to scheduling me for dietary] and go from there....
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Hope everthing turns out OK!

I lost 3 pounds in one week. It was because I had been retaining a lot of water. I could see it in my ankles. I started swimming with my son every day after his lessons and the swimming helped me release the extra water. It is very easy for me to gain and lose 3-4 pounds of water at any time.

Maybe it was something like that?
Um, aren't you running around packing?! That and being stressed over the situation at your parents house, moving, being pregnant etc. could just be wearing away at the food you eat.

I wouldn't worry at this point. Once you get settled in the new place then you should be ok.

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My weight seems to go up and down like that and has this entire pregnancy. I'll be up 10lbs (the greatest gain so far) then go down 4 to make me only at 6lbs gained. Its just weird. I think I have a pretty good scale too.
Same here. I didn't lose weight, but I was the exact same today as I was 2 weeks ago at my 28 week appointment. I was like? um ok... I feel bigger! LOL.

I am sure you are fine. I measured exactly 30 weeks, which I am.
Could be the stress and activity from moving. I know I've been running around like a crazy woman lately and I only gained 1 pound in the last month compared to 12 pounds the two weeks prior to that. Who knows, heat causing water loss...??
Guess I'm not the only one wondering....

I didn't gain any weight in 2 weeks...even though I feel bigger. I'm 31 weeks and my uterus "grew"...but I didn't gain. I guess water weight can fluctuate...I have borderline Gest I was actually glad to see that we are not getting to big too fast!!
At my last appointment my doctor said I had lost a few pounds since the last time two weeks before. My theory is that the weather got MUCH warmer, so I was wearing shorts and a light shirt and sandals as opposed to jeans, socks, shirt & sweater. Plus I think my bowels were empty the before and full at my latest appointment (TMI, sorry). I'm not that worried, since I'm eating when I'm hungry and the baby is still moving around a lot.
I've gained and lost the same 8 pounds this entire pregnancy. I did the same thing with my ds. I'm actually up 4 as of last week, I owe that to cheesecake though I think :LOL
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