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I lost my pattern...

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Can you help me? About a month or so ago, I started knitting a produce/market bag and then, I got caught up knitting something else and set it aside thinking I'd get back to it. But, I guess I kind of forgot about it. Anyway, I found it still on the needles last night and was going to finish it up, (I was getting close to finishing it when I stopped). And now, I can't find the pattern I was using anywhere. I know I found it online, I am pretty sure it was on someone's blog and I think it had a stuffed monkey or maybe two in the finished bag picture. Has anyone seen this pattern and could you direct me towards it? Thanks
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was it this one?

just looked there's no sock monkey though.....

Originally Posted by hakucho
I think this is the one you want:
Yes, that is it, thank you so much
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