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I love being a SAHM.

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I get weird looks from people when I tell them that I never pictured myself in a classroom filled with students, in a dorm, partying and drinking, or having a career. I never pictured myself having a 9-5 job.

I always pictured myself getting married to a good guy, having children together, and being a SAHM. I have always been old fashioned.

Right now I am living that dream, I have a wonderful loving husband who does anything and everything for his family. A Gorgeous son who makes my life such a joy, and being a SAHM.

Often I get questions like "when Mikey goes to school are you going to work?" and I honestly don't know if that is what I want, I see myself staying home taking care of the house, my son, and hubby for the rest of my life. Its something I enjoy doing.

We are financially challenged, most definately, and we live with my in-laws, have our own space here, and pay rent, do groceries, clean and all that jazz.
We aren't rich in money, but we are so rich in love and happiness.

It really bugs me though, when people look at me like I am some maid(people who don't know me well enough) like I am just sitting at home, eating chips doing nothing. Like because I don't make money, I am not worthy.

I guess these people don't matter, but it does bother me.

So my question is, do you enjoy being a SAHM? Was this your dream when being young? Or has this become a dream when you first became a parent?
Do you feel success full being at home taking care of your child/ren???

My answers will be:
Yes I ENJOY being a SAHM. It has ALWAYS been my dream. And YES I do feel successfull because I am raising this gorgeous human being, I am happy with my life, happy with myself, my husband & my son. THAT to me is being successfull.
Being successfull does not mean, how much money I make, and how many designer purses I got.
It means being happy with who you are, having a loving family, knowing what love is.
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nak but had to say YAY!!! Me too, I love being a sahm. I don't ever plan on working outside the home. I love my current job too much
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Me too, I use to think that I wanted to go back to work, I do miss the feeling of a job well done and the benifits of my marriage (dh is happy to be a sahd) and I feel kind of bad for DH because he hates working.

But I get to be here with the kids and we have a special bond that they don't have with anyone else, I can stay up late at night and sleep in during the day, I get to be involved in AP playgroup and online communites as well. I get to do lots of fun things during the day like take the kids to the park, go for walks, visit friends, etc. If I want to have some time to myself I can just leave the kids with my MIL and go out and do whatever. All of this and I only have to do about 1 hour of housework a day and cook some meals. Wow, I have it made. This has got to be the best job in the world.

Fridays are my busy day and I just love it. I get up, make the bed, make breakfast, round up the laundry and the kids, go to the laundromat and start them all (while ds1 visits with the lady that works there, they are friends
and ds2 is sitting quietly in a backcarry) then we walk to the library and ds1 pickes out some books and I check my messages at the computers, then we walk back and I put the clothes in the dryer, then we go to the nearby thrift stores and look around, back to the laundromat, fold the clothes (about 10 mins) load it up in the car then go back home. make lunch and put the laundry away, then go to MILs house (ds1 stays the night there every fri) and I visit until later in the evening. I really love the running around
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I never dreamed of being a SAHM, I wanted to go to school and work. Then I got married at 18 and wanted a family. My goal is to stay home till the last one went to kinder then ill work. I love being at home right now even though some days I want to bang my head on the wall. When dh is home we pull almost equal weight we both do laundry, we both cook and we both take care of dd. I just can never be the "old fashioned" sahm that does everything thats just not me but I can be the type I am and love it.
One of my cousins was explaining to me that she kept her job as a lawyer because every time she was with her children she felt she should be doing something more "worthwhile" with her time, and that spending her time with her kids felt like leisure. Isn't that odd? I quit my job as a lawyer and don't regret it for a second.

ETA: I think she was trying to explain that she didn't value being a mother enough or something? Anyway, I know it sounds rough when I type it out like that but she was saying it in a soft way.
I always wanted to do a lot of things when I was younger, and yep, one of those things was a mom! I loved teaching when I was doing it, and I am kind of sure I want to teach again in some capacity. I love staying at home and caring for my family and home. It definitely is worth while for me to be so involved in my daughter's growing up, and it's rewarding for me to have a slower paced life (after the business of teaching year round at a charter school).

At the moment, I can't think of a better job!
I love it too! Although I think part of why I can really revel in it is because DH plans on being the SAHD once DD is at least 3 years old.
as a youngster i loved babysitting and playing with younger children. i knew i wanted to be married and have babies. i was in college to be an elementry teacher when i got pregnant and married. It was not hard to drop everything to be a SAHM and i wont ever work for money outside the home till maybe they are all grown and off to college. i realized that my dream of being a teacher came true when i had a baby. and now that i have decided to homeschool i really am one. funny how things work.
I totally agree! I have always wanted to have kids and a family and stay home with them ... I dont understand why crunching numbers, or selling insurance, or fixing computers, or WHATEVER (no offense to anyone who did those things, I am just mentioning random jobs) is supposed to be better than staying at home raising two of my favorite people in the whole world? I dont get that. And as far as going back to work when they are older, I think teenagers need someone at home as much as a baby!!! Maybe more. LOL
Ever since DH & I got married I knew I wanted to be a SAHM. I was even a SAHW for a couple years while we were TTC DD (it took 5 yrs!). Life is just so much more manageable for both of us when I'm at home. DH loves to be at home too, but admits that he'd never get anything done & I'm better at it.
That's not to say there aren't days where I feel like I'm slowly going crazy (hey, you can only read the same book so many times
), but overall I'm pretty happy. We're definitly not well off money wise either at the moment because DH is PT working & PT finishing his B.S. but we get by. I don't see myself going back to work. Period. Ever. Unless it was needed so we could eat or something like that. We want to homeschool & are trying to have #2 right now so I'm sure that will keep me busy for awhile!

My MIL has always been a SAHM & she's never regretted it. DH's aunt actually worked when her kids were small & became a SAHM once they started school & problems came up. She definitly believes that kids needs their mom's just as much or more when they're older! My mom worked FT up until a couple months ago. I don't know if she regretted it at the time, but she definitly regrets it now seeing how my DD is with me, how much time we spend together, etc.

Nope, I'm staying at home & loving it!

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I never wanted children when I was younger. And then when I found myself pregnant with DS1 at the age of 17, something changed in me.
And despite the times when I've HAD to work to support my family, I've always considered my time with my kids the most important thing I've ever done.
I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing with my life.
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