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I love going to the doctor's.

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So I just went to the Dr's because I had some wierd rash on my breast (I actually belive I'm fine but I'm under a lot of pressure right now and am prone to anxiety-induced wierd rashes) Ds was with me.
So the dr's looking at it with this sort of hesitant approach he touches it... He looked terrified. seriously. (and ds got a really weird look like whoa, those are MINE)
So we talk a little and it finally clicks that i'm there with a 2.5 year old but no baby.
Dr: so HE's the one nursing? (really long pause) Two and a half eh. two and a half year old boy yep. two and a half.
We talk about the rash a little then he says its probably ok.
REALLY long pause.
Dr: you know, I think it would be ok to offer him some solids now, to give you a bit of a rest.

(sorry if anyone has dc that exclusively nurse at 2, but my ds eats as much as I do. seriously.)
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OMG I think your doctor might have gone to the same school as my ds's dentist! When I took him to the dentist she did the whole "it's your fault he's got bad teeth because you nurse" dance...forget that he's got the misfortune of being MY kid and I've got bad teeth, which is probably a result of the misfortune of being my parents kid who've got bad teeth...anyhow, after she told me that I needed to wean him immediately and I told her it wasn't going to happen she ignored me for a while. Then she went back to the subject and said "you know, he's almost 3. He's old enough to be eating solid foods now." I kind of stuttered in disbelief and said "umm, he DOES eat solids. In fact, I've never seen a kid eat more than he eats." Weirdo.
That's hilarious! I'm so proud of him that he was kind enough not to freak out on you.

And I did have an almost 2 yr old who didn't eat solids. Its no walk in the park!
MIL is like this. When she hears that DD is (still) nursing, she'll say "But why isn't she eating solids?"
my ds is 3 and a half- and i've been asked that "dooes he eat regular food??" he is THREE AND A HALF of course he does - he eats great and drinks great......he just loves his breastmilk!!!! craziest question!!!!!
omg that is hilarious! it never occured to me that people would think that!
I would have loved to see the look on his face!

My 19 month old DS eats like a linebacker. And, since my colostrum came in a week or so ago, also nurses like a newborn.
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: That is soooo funny. He sounds so nice, most doctors aren't so gentle!
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Omigosh-- it never occurred to me that people think it's an either/or thing!

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That's actually kind of cute isn't it? The closest I got to that was when dd was an infant and MIL would ask if we were going to give her food yet. Um, no, I've been starving her all this time. I don't know why she didn't equate bm with food.
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I'm always amazed that people have such either/or thinking about nursing and eating foods.

Neither one precludes the other!
Too funny! He must have been biting his tounge so hard!!! Yeah to him for at least staying professional though.
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OMG, that made me laugh out loud. It didnt occur to me that ppl would actually think a 2 or 3 year old didnt eat any other food!

People have asked me that, too! It's so weird, of course my 3 yr. old eats other foods (most days, not so much since baby 2 came along
: ).
At the doctor's office for his 3 yr. checkup they told me he would "be okay if he nursed less", no kidding!
I'm certainly not forcing him to the breast and withholding nutritious, non-mommy options!
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