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i love my crib

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So ds is six months old and he has always happily slept in the crook of my arm. Well, recently, he started this thing where he wanted his own space and not cuddled all night. And our bed wasn't big enough to (safely) put him down, so a friend let us use her crib. We took a rail off and sidecarred it to our bed and i love it! He gets his own space, i don't have to worry about daddy rolling on him, i can easily scoot him over to breastfeed, it is a very good thing

I was just excited, thought i would share
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i also have the side-car crib...i gotta say i like it better when we are on the floor and my ds sleeps in his bed beside´s a lot more confortable to lay with him if he wants to bf! but the crib this way is great during winter!
That's good to hear. We're considering doing the same thing!
We side car too and LOVE it!!
Glad it's working for you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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