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I LOVE my digital camera . . .

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I took the cutest picture of my DS earlier today. I've given up on taking him to portrait studios, because I am always disappointed. So, I just set up my own mini-studio with a few bed sheets and snapped away. This is Ds's official first year portrait. I think he is adorable, drool down the front of his shirt, and all.

Photo Link

(I hope the link works . . . I've never done this before!!)
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We have the Canon PowerShot A80. I think the A85 is the latest now. We are very pleased. I know there are many out there that are similar. More than anything, you can just take dozens of photos and then pick out the best. Makes me feel like a decent photographer. We got it when ds was 2 months old. I only wish we had it before he was born!!
Very cute pic! The D70 Nikon is a little pricey but the people I know with one are really happy with it. Most (or all?) digitals have a slight delay which makes capturing a moment at it's peak dificult because you have to press the button just before the peak. This Nikon has almost no delay.
GREAT PICTURE! Awwwww... thanks for sharing! Henry looks so happy!

We have a Kodak, too... I love it... but hate the delay. Guess we'll get a nikon, next!
very sweet! we have a sony something or other. dd's first christmas took 90 shots to get a usable one (posing with the dog
) all hail the digital wonder!
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