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I love my husband

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Conversation between DH and I (during my routine rundown of the days activities with the kids):

Me: When Jonas woke up from his nap, his foreskin was really red. It scared me at first, and I didn't dare tell Momma because I didn't want to hear her go off on circumcision. Anyway, it's better now.

DH: What was wrong?

Me: The skin just got aggrivated because his diaper was really really wet. When the skin is exposed to urine too long, it'll get red and irritated. No different than Ari's vagina.

DH: Yeah, doesn't mean we're gonna cut her stuff off.

Not bragging, just encouraging. Before reading everything from nocirc and cirp I could throw at him, anytime I brought up not circ'ing, he got this "Dream on" look on his face and would say, "Whatever, we'll worry about that when we have a boy." From skeptical to anti circumcision in less than a year! It can happen, and I hope it does happen for you ladies who have posted about struggles with DHs, DPs, etc.
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I'm lucky I found I think the only Mormon man who's uncirc'd. Lol. He loves his foreskin, in fact, and is glad I want to keep any boys we have intact. Hooray mama!
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